Tollring ICS Report Premier Review: Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Read our review of Tollring’s iCS Report Premier – part of the iCall Suite

Tollring ICS Report Premier Review: Advanced Analytics and Reporting

The next step in reporting software, iCS Report Premier by Tollring is a fundamental part of the company’s comprehensive “iCall Suite“, designed to offer enhanced call analytics and management services through extensive reports, live dashboards, and configurable wallboards.

iCS Report Premier helps companies to manage customer-facing teams in real-time, for a more informed and client-first approached to customer experience. Today, we’re going to look closer at the benefits and features of iCS Report Premier, and the advantages that it could offer your company. However, we ask you to remember that UC Today does not sell Tollring products, and the opinions expressed are the views of the reviewer alone. Please feel free to leave your own opinions in the comments below.

Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid

Unlike other feature-rich reporting services that require you to choose between an on-premises or cloud-based solution, iCS Report Premier can be accessed as a hybrid, on-premises, or cloud service as part of the iCall Suite. It works perfectly alongside some of the other services in the suite, including iCS Insight, and iCS Contact to deliver a more holistic approach to unified communications and collaboration.

Features and Applications

A mobile-ready application for call analytics, iCS Report Premier is a powerful solution for businesses that need to gather crucial data about their company through wallboards and life dashboards. It allows businesses to manage their customer-facing teams with commitment targets and SLAs in real-time, and can also assist with:

  • Reviewing past performance metrics
  • Monitoring groups, incoming calls, and call queues
  • Viewing the live status of call handling
  • Recording calls
  • Displaying performance parameters to group wallboards

The idea behind this pay-as-you-go solution to productivity and analytics is that with the iCall Suite, and iCS Report Premier, businesses will be able to mitigate missed opportunities and deliver a higher level of customer service, with real-time reports. The pre-configured reports on the system include:

  • Total time available for extensions
  • DND (Do-not-disturb) time
  • Availability and punctuality

What we Like about iCS Report Premier

As a unique approach to managing the performance of your forward-facing teams in business, iCS Report Premier makes customer service improvement more achievable for a host of industries and teams. The “hunt group” wallboard allows for the continuous monitoring of call parameters in real-time, and tiles can be displayed live on desktops for any group within an organisation. Some of our favourite features include:

  • Easy Access to Analytics: Supervisors using iCS Report Premier can see the status of their call handlers, whether available or unavailable, which helps them to determine how many staff can actually take calls at any time. Basically, it makes running your company easier
  • Live Call Displays: Need to examine the direction of calls in your business, or the extension name, call status, or time in the current status? You can view everything from the iCS Report Premier dashboard
  • Staff Resourcing: You can review the past performances of your staff and use calculations to plan how you need to progress, for instance changing the times of day that you want certain staff members to work, and how you manage your call centres
  • Call Recording: The iCS Report Premier solution can be upgraded with a call recording module known as “iCS Record“, this allows you to display, playback, and find a range of call recordings

Who is iCS Report Premier For?

Essentially, although iCS Report Premier might seem to be intended for larger enterprise-based businesses, it has the capacity to be a useful feature to any-sized company who wants to improve the way that they deal with customers. There are a range of pricing options available for the full iCall Suite too, which can make crafting your personalised approach to business improvement easier.

Tollring iCS Report Premier
What is it Compatible With?

iCS Report Premier is a fully integrated module of iCall Suite, delivering live analytics.  The mobile-optimised application can be deployed on cloud telephony (such as BroadSoft BroadWorks, Mitel UC Propositions), as a hybrid solution or on PBX telephony platforms (such as Samsung, Ericsson-LG).

UC Today Opinion

As part of a comprehensive approach to team management and forward-facing business reputation development, iCS Report Premier is perfect for call centres and larger teams that need to focus on building customer experience. Its features are quick and easy to implement, and there are plenty of add-ons to consider in the form of the other features in the iCall Suite.

Have you used iCS Report Premier, or any of the other iCall Suite features? Let us know in the comments below, and share this review with your friends and colleagues to invite them into the conversation.

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