RoutIT Introduces Analytics Powered by Tollring

RoutIT launches HIP Reporter analytics

RoutIT Introduces Analytics Powered by Tollring

Dutch cloud services provider specialising in white label products, RoutIT has recently added further value to their partner propositions with the introduction of HIP reporter analytics. The HIP Reporter call analytics suite includes a range of data analysis and reporting tools, developed with and powered by the leading software company, Tollring. The new solution is available now to channel partners for RoutIT everywhere.

In the time leading up to the HIP Reporter Analytics launch, the new RoutIT solution has been received very well by the partner community. This much-anticipated tool will help RoutIT partners to improve their value propositions with 3 separate levels of call analytics. This includes access to an entry-level dashboard, enhanced reporting and live wallboards to motivate customer-facing teams.

Rising Demand for Customer Analytics

Tollring is one of the global market leaders in software development, offering data visualisation tools, business intelligence and more. The wide variety of solutions available from Tollring helps companies to better understand their information, assets, and resources.

With Tollring’s help, RoutIT has been able to deliver an essential upgrade to their portfolio for their partners. According to Paul Velders of RoutIT, since plans for the new capability were announced, there has been a growing level of interest from partners. The HIP Reporter solution goes above and beyond expectations for the partner community. What’s more, RoutIT is committed to continuously improving and enhancing the product, to suit the ongoing needs of their call centre and telephony customers.

Improving Customer Experience Visibility


Tony Martino

RoutIT is thrilled to be delivering their new analytics solution to their channel partners in an official HIP Reporter rollout. They believe that this new service will provide insights that companies need to stay ahead in the current marketplace.

In a press release about the new product, CEO of Tollring, Tony Martino, commented that RoutIT and Tollring have been working closely together to ensure that HIP Reporter delivers the insights that today’s businesses need. The resulting tool will offer enhanced visibility of customer experience through an evolving suite of productivity tools. These solutions have been proven to add competitive differentiation and value to the channel and end-customers alike.

Tollring has always been committed to delivering the most reliable demand-led solutions for its customers, intended to benefit both end-users and channel partners alike. The aggressive roadmap that Tollring is following, combined with their wide range of products means that they can consistently offer new and advanced ways to support today’s partners. What’s more, Tollring’s innovation ensures that businesses can stay on the cutting edge with their technology.


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