Spearline: Celebrating 10 Years of CX Excellence

They’re driving contact center, customer service, & telecoms innovation

Spearline: Celebrating 10 Years of CX Excellence

Spearline is already a multi-award winning company, so it was no surprise when I learned in a recent interview with Matthew Lawlor, Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer, Spearline, that this year marks ten years since they developed the first-ever automated testing platform that helps contact centers and large enterprises test toll-free numbers on a global scale.

During our interview, Lawlor shared with UC Today, “We did so in response to our customer’s need for an innovative product that did not exist at the time. We hoped to solve a frustrating and expensive problem in the telecommunications industry.” Since then, they’ve worked to transform the way enterprises approach audio quality measurement to keep important telecoms services up and running. And that shows, as today, Spearline’s global coverage now spans 68 countries.

Leaders in CC, CX, & Telecoms

A decade later, Lawlor says Spearline recently received two awards for excellence in the telecoms space. The first, CIO Applications Europe recognized them as one of the “Top 10 Contact Center Consulting/Services Companies 2019.” A panel of experts and members of CIO Applications Europe’s editorial board compile the list, one that recognizes companies that promote technology and entrepreneurship.

Spearline also recently won the distinction of the “CX Impact in Telecoms Award” at this year’s Irish CX Impact Awards. Commenting on why Spearline’s seen so much success in the telecoms sphere, Lawlor attributed it to respond to customer requests as a major reason for their triumph. He even opened up to UC Today about an upcoming award they’re in the running for:

“Spearline responds to customer requirements and this award recognizes us for our impact on CX”

Driving Telecoms Innovation

Because of Spearline’s approach to telephony, it is no surprise they’ve seen so much success in their endeavors. It could also have a lot to do with their focus on customer experience. They are in the business of CX, some might say, which they told me was an important element to their dominance. Through physical points-of-presence in-country, audio quality testing, and offering support 24/7 365 days-a-year – they epitomize world-class CX.

“Many organizations are unaware that customer calls are failing to reach them due to several issues, such as lack of connectivity, audio quality issues, dropped calls, or problems with their DTMF and IVR functionalities. As a result, the voice network problems remain undiscovered”

He added that’s where Spearline comes into play. “Multinationals around the world trust us to optimize their customers’ telecoms experience,” Lawlor shared. And there’s some merit to what he said. Spearline gives organizations of all sizes the peace of mind in knowing their services will remain uninterrupted to keep customers satisfied, something truly beneficial.

Celebrating 10 Years of CX Success

There is a lot to learn from Spearline’s approach to CX, and similar companies could take a cue from their playbook. They have far-surpassed meeting customer demands, by establishing physical servers in countries where their customers operate.

I can foresee plenty of other awards in Spearline’s future because I gather they are a driven group of individuals, who will stop at nothing to ensure customers are never left with anything less than quality service.


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