Spearline’s Global Coverage Now Spans 68 Countries

And they've got plans to further expand audio quality measurement services

Spearline’s Global Coverage Now Spans 68 Countries

Back in 2003, college friends Kevin Buckley, CEO, and Matthew Lawlor, CTO, founded Spearline. Sixteen-years-later, the duo has grown the audio quality measurement and analysis business, recently opening brand-new headquarters in Skibbereen, Co Cork Ireland, which created 75 new jobs. In late October, the company opened a global sales office in Waterford Ireland, further increasing its staff by 24 additional employees.

“Our goal is to keep expanding in response to global customer requirements. We see Spearline being the market leader in audio analysis and audio quality measurement,” Lawlor shared in a recent interview with UC Today. During that interview, I further learned about how Spearline serves customers by helping them achieve superior call audio quality and found out about some of the challenges they face along the way.

Challenges of Ensuring Top-Notch Audio

For enterprises of all sizes, Spearline presents them with a unique upper hand. Contact centers, conferencing services, and enterprises experience connectivity issues, something Spearline aims to mitigate via its SaaS solution. This does come with its challenges, according to Lawlor.

“Unless you have a physical presence in a country, you have no idea if the numbers your customers rely on work or not. We address this by putting servers in countries where customers are so we can ensure call connection and high-quality audio”

And a lot of enterprises see the service Spearline provides as valuable, as the audio-quality measurement and analysis business provides coverage in 68 countries. Spearline also reaches over 89 percent of landlines in the world and services 88 percent of the worldwide GDP thanks to partnerships with some of the world’s largest brands.

The Business of Customer Experience

Everything Spearline does centers around one key ingredient in the enterprise prosperity pie – customer experience. And that is important for Spearline and its customers. The company goes above and beyond, providing physical servers, audio quality testing, and offering support 24/7 365 days-a-year.

“Alongside our Head of Customer Engagement, I spend a lot of time considering unique customer requests, and how to best fulfil them”

According to Lawlor, Spearline developers built a set of new tests to detect latency, which he said can be tricky when you consider the need to synchronize clocks and deliver an extremely low margin of error, adding they were up for the challenge, however. With two main test types, manual – where customers can take actions such as troubleshooting and provisioning, along with automatic testing – enterprises, telecom providers, and contact centers can take a proactive approach to the customer experience by making adjustments to audio quality and other pivotal elements.

It is this particular focus on enhancing the user and customer experience by detecting system flaws to ensure minimal downtime that’s led to Spearline dominating large portions of the global telephony market. With plans for further dominance, it will be fascinating to see where they go. One thing is for sure, Spearline’s innovation and expanding coverage show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


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