Tollring iCS Insight Review: Feature-Rich Insights

iCall iCS Insight service can be deployed as part of the iCall suite, either as a hybrid, on-premises, or cloud-based model.

Tollring iCS Insight Review: Feature-Rich Insights

iCS Insight is one part of the full iCall Suite being introduced by Tollring, a leading software developer that offers business intelligence and data visualisation tools to small and large companies alike. Tollring are known for their innovative solutions, which are offered across a wide range of markets in Australia, India, and the UK.

The iCS insight product is intended to make monitoring inbound and outbound calls easier than ever for companies with communication services. As part of the iCall suite, it comes with a range of functionalities to enhance and simplify recording, reporting, and call analytics.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the benefits and features that iCall iCS Insight has to offer, and what your business might be able to get from installing this new innovative tool. However, please remember that UC Today has no profitable connection with Tollring, and we do not sell these products. The opinions expressed her belong to the reviewer, and we encourage you to get involved with the discussion in the comments below.

A Solution to Match your Business

Tollring’s new iCall iCS Insight service can be deployed as part of the iCall suite, either as a hybrid, on-premises, or cloud-based model. This intuitive application focuses on delivering essential wallboards and dashboards to clients, which can update regularly (at least once every fifteen minutes).

There are three different menu options available to choose from, including wallboard, help, and “my console”. Each are designed to work “at a glance” to make every element of the product easy and straightforward to use. Each part of the console can be dragged down to see further detailed reports, including information on:

  • Caller tolerance
  • Hourly incoming call distribution
  • Percentage of calls answered
  • Important observations
  • Call summary by user or DDI

Features and Applications

Perhaps one of the most notable features of iCS Insight is the visual wallboards it offers, which enable supervisors to display information either on a desktop or larger screen. You can choose your own wallboard layout to suit your needs, and tiles can be configured and resized to better display information. Features include:

  • IT reports and customer reports
  • Detailed call activity information
  • 15-minute refresh historical information
  • Pre-defined wallboards, dashboards, and reports
  • Accessibility across a range of devices
  • IT incoming call analytics
  • IT unreturned and incoming call reports and analysis

What We Like about iCS Insight

iCS Insight is an innovative new feature within the Tollring iCall suite range. One of the elements that helps to set it apart from the competition is the fact that it’s so rich in features, with a pay-as-you-use structure, customisable dashboard, and the ability to access a host of services regardless of which device you’re using. There’s no need for an on-site server, and it supports a multi-tenant architecture too! Some of our favourite features include:

  • Comprehensive call data visualisation: You can check out your crucial data from any internet-connected device, whether that means accessing call analytics, reading through wallboards, or checking out dashboards on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.
  • A host of call metrics: For businesses looking to improve their performance, iCS Insight delivers plenty of historical and real-time call information through reports, customisable widgets, and other elements that are optimised to mobile devices and browsers.
  • Quick access: Loading up and using iCS Insight is simple. You can simply click on “my console”, and the apps are available for every major phone, including iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Visual wallboards: The wallboards on iCS Insight can be customised and adjusted according to your needs, with 3 layouts, including agent, DDI, and business summary.

Who is iCS Insight For?

The design of iCS Insight makes it pretty flexible. Because it’s part of a modular service, you can match up with your reporting needs as necessary. There’s an entry-level budget version that offers a simple upgrade path for people who are in the midst of a growth cycle, and there are different options available for different types of users too – from supervisor, to administrator.

What is it Compatible With?

iCS Insight is designed to work both on your desktop and mobile seamlessly. Because the entire network is mobile-optimised, there’s no need for a mobile app, but you can download it on the Windows store, iOS app store, and Google play too.

UC Today Opinion

In a world where understanding your business, and your customer begins with comprehensive call analytics, iCS Insight, and the full iCall Suite represent a wonderful way for businesses to start gathering crucial development data. iCS Insight is a feature-rich solution for companies of all shapes and sizes who need to present visual wallboards, and monitor crucial data through an intuitive console.

Do you have experience with iCS Insight? Let us know in the comments below, and share this article with your colleagues and friends on social media to help them join the discussion!


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