Tollring iCS Report Review: Simple Dashboards and Reporting

Read our review of Tollring’s iCS Report – part of the iCall Suite

Tollring iCS Report Review: Simple Dashboards and Reporting

iCS Report is a customisable solution for businesses that need to monitor incoming and outgoing calls on any device, using advanced analytics, high-level call reporting solutions, and dashboards. It represents one part of the comprehensive “iCall Suite” hosted by Tollring, a global-leading in software development, known for data visualisation and business intelligence innovations.

Tollring work to bring simple reporting and analytics solutions to companies across markets in the UK, India, and Australia with their iCall Suite solution. Today, we’ll be looking a little closer into the features and benefits that come with iCS Report. However, we ask you to keep in mind that the opinions expressed in this review belong to the reviewer, and that we do not sell Tollring products. Please feel free to get involved with the discussion yourself in the comments below.

Customisable Business Experience

Tollring’s iCS Report solution can either be deployed as an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid model, as part of the iCall Suite. It focuses on the idea that running and creating reports is often a time-consuming and frustrating experience for businesses, which is why the company has developed a dashboard to deliver the latest up-to-date information using live tiles.

Features and Applications

The “Report” module of the Tollring iCall Suite comes with a pre-built catalogue of widgets to choose from, including caller tolerance, grade of service, hourly call distribution, web page, extension information, DDI call information, and more. You can also create live tiles from your own targeted reporting data, and any report with any combination of filters can naturally be turned into a widget and displayed as a wallboard, graph, table, or speedometer.

With Tollring iCS Report, clients can:

  • Reduce manpower costs by limiting wastage
  • Analyse unreturned missed calls
  • Enhance forecasting and planning
  • Manage staff workflow and design shift patterns
  • Ensure effective performance monitoring
  • Manage campaigns

iCS Report 2

What we like about iCS Report

Being able to carefully manage and evaluate crucial information about your business is incredibly useful in today’s marketplace. It allows businesses to improve resource and staff productivity, avoid missed opportunities for sales, and limit costs too. Tollring offer a “pay-as-you-go” feature solution that’s great for growing businesses, and plenty of options for customisation too. Some of our favorite features of iCS Report include:

  • Wallboard Alarms: Wallboard tiles can be set with alarm thresholds for the data being displayed. This means that alarms can be triggered when numbers drop below, or rise above threshold figures, leading to emails being sent at specific times. Different thresholds can be set for weekdays and weekends.
  • Flexible Reporting: You can choose how you want your reports to be displayed depending on who’s going to see them. That makes the whole experience far more customisable for everyone involved.
  • DDI Reporting: iCS Report allows you to monitor inbound calls to DDI numbers so that you can better figure out the performance of your business according to things like Percentage of Calls answered and grade of service.
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection: iCS can be connected to the system to send rule-based alerts according to patterns or events in duration, date, CLI, and more.

Who is ICS Report For?

iCS Report is designed for businesses that need instant access to actionable data for their company, but it can reasonably be used by organizations of all shapes and sizes as part of the iCall Suite, which comes with entry-level budgeting versions, simple upgrade paths, and various presentation options.

What is It Compatible With?

iCS Report, like the entire iCall Suite works on desktop webpages and mobile apps. It can be downloaded on Google Play, the iOS app store, and the Windows store.

UC Today Opinion

iCS Report is a fantastic part of the overall iCall Suite, with plenty of useful and easy-to-understand features that can help to promote productivity, efficiency and customer service quality in a business. For those who need flexible and innovative reporting, it’s a great option.

Have you used iCS Report? Let us know about your experience in the comments below, and feel free to share this article with your colleagues and friends so they can join the conversation.



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