Unlocking the Secret Sauce of the Sales Rockstar

Chorus AI brings in-depth analysis to customer interactions

Unlocking the Secret Sauce of the Sales Rockstar

Top performing sales staff have always been highly sought after, and surrounded by somewhat of an air of mystery. How do some people consistently close far higher volumes of business than others? Many could not tell you themselves exactly how they do what they do. And nowadays they do it behind a screen for the most part, limiting the potential for apprenticeship and immersive learning and modelling, and offering little data beyond outcomes for managers attempting to dissect what’s really working.

Chorus AI’s Conversation Intelligence Platform is changing all that, and giving organisations direct visibility of the customer interaction, for customer support as well as sales. Now available as part of the Zoom app marketplace – ensuring complete transparency and compliance for call recording and analysis – new insights are being exposed, and deep analysis of the most successful interactions are made possible.

Transforming understanding of sales success

We caught up with Chorus AI CEO, Roy Raanani, to dig into what this means for enterprise:

Roy Raanani

Roy Raanani

“If you have a team of 100 – or 1,000 – sales people, they can be in Zoom meetings, all day, every day, having the most important interactions with your customers. And as an organisation, you have no visibility or understanding into what’s being discussed. Whether or not the sales people are on message, delivering the right points, handling situations the right way, as well as capturing the learning that you share back from the market. And that is essentially the problem that we set out to solve.

“You go from essentially being blind to all of these conversations, to having real visibility and understanding into what’s happening. And once customers have that visibility, and that understanding, they can do some really powerful things…

“For the first time ever, you can start to see the patterns in what your most successful employees are doing”

Learning, scaling and enabling

And far from wanting to safeguard the mystery of their secret superpowers, top sales performers are loving the opportunity to analyse and learn from their own calls and those of their colleagues: viewing the Chorus output as both a safety net – who said what, which actions were committed to – and also as a way to learn and continually improve. For a representative rewarded on commission, it’s a tool providing unprecedented advantage.  Being able to analyse how and what visuals were used, how long each person spoke for, how specific queries were handled across thousands of calls, how top converters deal with a challenging recurrent objections; as Raanani elaborates:

“We have a net promoter score of 75, which is extremely high – at the level of Apple”

Scrutinising the customer conversation

While it’s easy to see a vast range of business applications for this tool – and indeed Chorus are ‘dogfooding’ its use for internal meetings and training – Raanani explained that from a development point of view, they remain laser-focussed on the customer conversation, which includes both sales and customer success.

For the future, layering in insight intelligence to simply make sense of the huge volumes of data the system generates will be fundamental, to ensure maximum outcome advantage for the customer:

“We can proactively say to the manager, “these are the 3 calls we think you should listen to, for these reasons”, or “if you were going to spend an hour on this today, these are the things you should pay attention to.”

Clone your closers Chorus AI

And as the system learns from each call, in every organisation, it just gets smarter and smarter, becoming an essential tool for enabling smart remote work. Chorus are publishing their research on LinkedIn, and contributing to the wider conversation about intelligence-led customer interaction at scale.


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