Verint Improves Digital CX with AI

Introducing AI anomaly detection

Verint Improves Digital CX with AI

Verint, a leading provider in actionable intelligence solutions and customer engagement strategies, recently announced a new feature to their product suite. The pioneering Anomaly Detection solution is a robust addition to Verint’s growing range of Voice of the Customer solutions. The Anomaly Detection feature will help businesses to prioritise crucial improvements to customer experience and automate insights for better company analytics.

Verint currently supports more than 10,000 organisations in 180 countries with their actionable intelligence solutions. This includes more than 85% of the current Fortune 100. With intelligence from Verint’s solutions, leading businesses can make more informed decisions about their customer experience and engagement strategies. The new Anomaly Detection feature is another way for Verint to help their customers take customer engagement to the next level.

Adding AI to Customer Experience

Research consistently shows that AI technologies have the power to transform customer experience strategies. Powered by machine learning and AI algorithms, Verint’s solution for anomaly detection helps teams to understand more about the fundamental causes and factors that contribute to changes in customer satisfaction and other critical drivers.

Forrester Research indicates that adding an AI service like Verint’s Anomaly Detection solution into a business strategy will make CX measurement programs more efficient and effective. With Verint’s assistance, businesses will be able to discover, in real-time, which elements are affecting their NPS score, and customer retention rates.

About Anomaly Detection

The Anomaly Detection service from Verint will act is a critical CX analyst according to Verint, allowing for smarter and faster issue resolution, as well as reduced risk of bias. Machine learning algorithms run in the background of the organisation, surfacing sudden changes in CX scores and their causes by analysing a broad range of data combinations.

Features of the new Verint solution include:

  • Rapid investigation of likely causes behind CX changes
  • Constant monitoring of significant CSAT and NPS scores
  • Real-time email and SMS alerts to improve time to resolution

The CTO and chief architect for Verint, Jaime Meritt, said in a press release that millions of customer interactions are now happening every day, creating additional feedback and insights for companies. The advancements that Verint has made in machine learning and automation may help businesses to gain more advanced feedback from their VOC programs.


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