Verint Simplifies Financial Compliance in the Trade Market

Verint provides proactive control and automation for trades

Verint Simplifies Financial Compliance in the Trade Market

Customer engagement experts, Verint Systems, recently announced some new updates to their Financial Compliance offerings designed for financial service organisations. Available both in the cloud and on-premises, the solutions will support work processes that many traditional compliance services cannot manage.

The Verint range of Financial Compliance solutions offer opportunities to capture data and communications across unified communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, and more. There’s also an option for automated operational verification, proactive compliance, and more.

The next-level support for financial compliance comes at a time when financial services groups are facing complicated challenges in maintaining their compliance with regulatory environments. As the digital communication world continues to evolve, Verint makes it easier to handle the full range of transactional and interaction data in the financial services space.

The Challenge of Compliance in Digital Transformation

According to the Principal of Pelorus Associates, Dick Bucci, trades are currently executed in the financial space through multiple devices and channels. Financial services companies must be able to spot problematic activity and manage their trading actions regardless of the device or channel being used. Verint already has a strong reputation in the financial services space for providing holistic solutions to complex processes, making them an excellent choice for the financial community.

Senior Vice President and GM of strategic operations, Nancy Treaster noted that “after the fact compliance” in financial services isn’t enough. Companies reacting to non-compliant actions are already facing system failures. Verint’s solution gives financial traders the proactive support they need to prevent issues from happening and reduce risk across regulated communication environments. Verint’s Financial Compliance offerings feature:

  • Capture featuring for Microsoft Teams / Skype for Business and UC: An automated, open solution for regulating, capturing, archiving, analysing and retrieving electronic communications
  • Automated verification: A operational and compliance assurance solution which performs advanced system tests across multiple platforms, communication paths and applications to ensure exceptional operation. This service mitigates the risks of costly disruptions and retains recordings in accordance with business policy
  • Dealerboard integration capabilities: Provides standard integrations to popular tools and offers an API-first, open approach for faster integrations
  • Proactive compliance and ethical wall: Proactively enforces communication and informational policies and monitors multiple channels

Next-Level Support for Financial Services

We’re living in a world where communications are evolving at break-neck speed. All electronic communications, including SMS, voice, video, IM, file sharing and more need to be monitored and recorded to ensure complete compliance in industries like healthcare and financial services. Until recently, recording across various modes of communication at once has been difficult for financial services organisations. However, Verint’s Financial Compliance solution leverages the power of collaboration tools to record every interaction that may lead to trade.

With Verint, financial services groups can access the benefits of a truly innovative solution for collaboration, improving the ways that they connect with customers and remain compliant in the modern world. This new, platform-agnostic solution provides capabilities that will stop non-compliant incidents from taking place in the first place, out-pacing industry solutions that would otherwise offer capture-and-archive capabilities.


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