Verint Wins Awards for Conversational AI

Verint wins Excellence and Innovation awards for AI offering

Verint Wins Awards for Conversational AI

Verint Systems, a company committed to delivering excellence in Customer Engagement solutions, recently announced that it had won an award for its innovation in artificial intelligence. The Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant, or “IVA” has been named the best chatbot for 2019 in the annual AI Breakthrough Awards.

Today, Verint’s IVA is the reason for the success of the US Army’s chatbot solution, which interacts with around 900 people a day and generated more than 11,000 leads for the Army’s recruitment strategy. The same solution from Verint is also crucial to the intelligent services of countless businesses across the globe. As part of the Tech Breakthrough market intelligence analysis, the AI Breakthrough Awards honours Verint’s excellence in AI offerings.

An Exciting Accolade for Verint

Nancy Treaster

Nancy Treaster

As a global leader in actionable intelligence solutions for customer engagement, Verint already has a strong reputation in the AI marketplace. The company has delivered countless offerings in the form of cyber intelligence and customer experience solutions. Today, over 10,000 businesses across more than 180 countries rely on Verint, including a significant percentage of the Fortune 100.

The AI Breakthrough award is yet another example of Verint’s success in the AI field. According to the Senior Vice President and GM of strategic operations for Verint, Nancy Treaster, the 2019 recognises more than just Verint’s commitment to using disruptive tools like natural language understanding to support its conversational AI platform. The recognition also highlights the technological breakthroughs that Verint has harnessed to assist customers in their journeys of digital transformation, particularly when it comes to increasing revenue, lowering costs and boosting self-service opportunities.

According to Treaster, Verint’s customers are “transcending” their automation goals with the IVA AI technology.

Building on a Strong Reputation

This isn’t the first recognition that Verint has received for it’s exceptional approach to artificial intelligence. In 2018, Verint received the award for “Best Overall AI Solution” in the AI Breakthrough awards too. The company believes that the industry is at a breakthrough point in mainstream consensus, where more people believe in the power of AI to change the world and how we work together. The AI Breakthrough Awards program showcases the companies and technologies that drive this fundamental shift in thought processes, according to managing director of AI Breakthrough, James Johnson.

AI Breakthrough is thrilled to celebrate Verint once again this year for the company’s amazing success in innovative AI solutions for customer engagement and self-service.


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