Vidicode Introduces Mobile Call Recording Feature

Compliant mobile recordings from Vidicode

Vidicode Introduces Mobile Call Recording Feature

Vidicode is a reliable communication solutions company known for creating innovative and compliant solutions for communication data management. The business provides a range of fantastic call and screen recording tools, as well as voice analytics strategies for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

This year, Vidicode released their new mobile call recording service to give end-users more control over their ability to capture crucial data. I caught up with Everton Stuart, the Managing Director of Vidicode UK, to find out more about the new solution.

What Brought You into the Mobile Call Recording Space?

Everton Stuart, MD of Vidicode

Everton Stuart, MD of Vidicode

Vidicode has been working with highly regulated verticals for several years now, including the government and financial spaces. Everton told me that mobile recording started as a concern for the financial sector, where companies needed to look for ways to adhere to MiFID II and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations.

As BYOD and remote working becomes more popular, more businesses from every vertical are starting to see the value in being able to record mobile calls. Vidicode’s native recording and cloud-syncing application for inbound and outbound calls allow businesses to access insights and assists with compliance.

“Our application works across all Android devices, and there’s no need to make calls through the app. You just have your conversations as normal, and the call is recorded and stored according to your preferences. You can also set parameters to remove calls for GDPR reasons or set working hours to make sure that personal calls aren’t recorded on BYOD phones.”

How Are You Differentiating in this Market?

For quite some time, mobile call recording has been subject to various issues with quality and bandwidth and has been expensive. Vidicode overcomes these problems by taking a unique approach with both their free and premium mobile recording services.

“We don’t use any kind of streaming to record your call. That means that the quality you get on your call signal is the quality that you’ll get in the recording. Only after your conversation is finished is it uploaded to the platform through WiFi or broadband.”

Vidicode sells their solutions via resellers, and for the current market, the mobile recording system is a great option. Not only is it a high point of differentiation for potential partners, but it’s very affordable too. There’s a great deal of scope for resellers to grow their customer bases and their profits through Vidicode.

“With us, you can provide additional call recording features without your end-users having to worry about things like security or GDPR issues. We’re giving both resellers and their customers the flexibility they need to record and stay compliant.”

Will the Product Evolve Going Forward?

Everton told me that for now, Vidicode had ticked every box they can think of for call recording and analytics features – but that doesn’t mean the company is finished with innovating.

“We’ve covered compliance, mobile, screen, Skype for Business, hosted, secure airport and radio recording, as well as voice analytics with transcription and completed our range of reliable plug and play recorders. Now isn’t the time to rest on our laurels and our continued commitment to R&D ensures that our resellers can continue to profit by offering the market leading solutions.

Vidicode’s mobile recording product is available now, and the company is currently searching for new partners to work with during 2019 – particularly in the service provider and enterprise distributor space.


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