Vodafone & Dubber Deliver Mobile & Fixed Recording in NZ

Dubber and Vodafone work together to provide call recording

Vodafone & Dubber Deliver Mobile & Fixed Recording in NZ

Dubber, a leading provider of one of the most scalable call recording services in the world, recently announced the extension of its services to Vodafone in New Zealand. Dubber has been embraced as a core part of network infrastructure for many of the leading telecommunication companies across the globe, with carriers in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. Now, Dubber has taken the next step in their global growth strategy, with a new connection to Vodafone in New Zealand.

The Dubber Corporation announced that it will be providing call recording and analytics to Vodafone’s New Zealand branch, to help the company enhance their mobile and fixed services solutions. The Vodafone One Business service will offer Dubber call recording for mobile and fixed solutions as part of the Vodafone Fixed Mobile Convergence system. Additionally, the recording system will also form part of the “Ready Government” program offered by Vodafone.

Dubber and Vodafone NZ

According to the CEO of Dubber, Steve McGovern, Vodafone’s has a strong reputation for innovation in the Unified Communications market. The Vodafone Fixed Mobile Convergence model gives Dubber a unique opportunity to offer additional functionality – particularly for Vodafone’s rich market of mobile users.

The coming integration will fully connect the Dubber system with the Vodafone One Business Unified Service, and the Vodafone NZ Ready Government Solutions suite. The combined system was demonstrated as part of the BroadSoft global user conference this year in Miami, Florida.

According to the CEO of Vodafone Next Generation Services, Glenn Johnston, Vodafone chose to work with Dubber because they believed that the pioneering platform could support the unique requirements of the telecommunications sector.

Delivering New Functionality to Vodafone NZ Customers

Dubber offers today’s ever-evolving businesses a better opportunity to capture voice information across a range of crucial networks. This ability to leverage consumer data means that organisations can learn more about customer engagement, improve regulatory compliance, and expand their potential market impact going forward.

In a press release, Johnstone said that the new Vodafone recording service will deliver enhanced functionality to the company’s customers, including the option to record mobile calls on demand. Mobile recording has been in demand for Vodafone customers, and the new integration helps to demonstrate the company’s commitment to serving their clients the world-class solutions that they need most.


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