Voxbone Insights Gives Customers Quality, Capacity, and Billing Visibility

We talk with Pritom Roy, Insights Product Manager at Voxbone

Voxbone Insights Gives Customers Quality, Capacity, and Billing Visibility

Voxbone has launched Voxbone Insights to provide customers with end-to-end quality, capacity utilisation and billing metrics in real-time that they can drill into for different stages of the call journey. This gives customers the capability to proactively monitor, isolate and troubleshoot issues before they arise, both on Voxbone’s network and the rest of the journey between calling party and recipient. To achieve this in the most convenient and cost-effective way, Voxbone Insights is a software-as-a-service offering that has no need for third-party solutions or expensive network infrastructure.

“We launched Insights because we want to open up the transparency of Voxbone and the service we provide to our customers,” said Pritom Roy, Insights Product Manager at Voxbone.

“People are likely to have quality issues with their calls and, while some have infrastructure to monitor calls, others don’t and that leads to lots of troubletickets and a process to get to the bottom of the issue. We wanted to provide all of the data we have in a transparent way so customers can see a single score for packet loss, jitter or mean opinion score (MOS)”

Pritom Roy

The scores are presented via customisable dashboards supported by configurable real-time alerts with automation presentment of the data performed via an application programme interface (API). This enables score data to be analysed to Whatever the cause of the issue, Voxbone is transparent as to whether that’s in its own network, a partner network or within the customer’s systems. Importantly, results are achieved almost immediately.

“The data is enriched within one minute of a call finishing,” confirmed Roy. “For a customer managing a number of calls that means they can easily look and see where they have issues. If you’re waiting three to six hours to see if you have a problem it’s difficult to react effectively.”

“Most players don’t provide this capability to customers but without it, you’re flying blind,” he added. “Voxbone is leading the way and Voxbone Insights will prove itself over time as customers gain better insights into  of their calls and gain better understanding of their needs.”

Voxbone Insights is a cloud-based service and this lowers the barrier to entry so functionality that was previously limited to large organisations can be made available to all. Pricing for the service is based on the number of call detail records (CDRs) to be monitored and CDR bundles are available at a variety of volumes to suit different sizes of customer organisations. Cost is just a fraction of a company’s total spend, Voxbone says.


As the traditional contact centre market place fragments, the additional visibility into performance that Voxbone Insights provides has heightened value. “It has always been important to have great quality of service, regardless of the pandemic placing more pressure on contact centre operations,” said Roy.

“The fragmentation involves reacting differently because typically customer networks have become more complex. Voxbone Insights empowers you with transparent visibility into the quality, capacity and billing accuracy of these critical connections”



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