Xarios Dimensions to Make Debut at KAZOOcon

The long-time call analytics provider is entering the cloud marketplace, with the help of 2600Hz’s strong APIs

Xarios Dimensions to Make Debut at KAZOOcon

Ahead of KAZOOcon, I caught up with Xarios CEO, Robin Russell, and he let me in on a secret, Xarios has big plans for this year’s UCaaS and CPaaS conference in San Diego, set to feature attendees from the world of telecoms.

Xarios CEO, Robin Russell, told UC Today:

“With our long history in call analytics, reporting, and recording, we’re excited to shift our focus to Cloud infrastructure and are therefore pleased to announce at KAZOOcon, ‘Xarios Dimensions,’ which uses 2600Hz’s Kazoo framework.”

In business for the past 20 years, Xarios is no stranger to providing an enhanced CX, building custom solutions to fit customers’ unique requirements, presenting Xarios with a level of agility needed in the call analytics industry. Currently, Xarios sells its flagship offering, an on-premises applications suite, and phone manager app under an OEM agreement with Mitel, a product which is available globally.

Entering the Cloud market

‘Dimensions’ is Xarios’ first venture into the Cloud Calling Analytics market, which comes at a time where the demand for superb CX reigns supreme. According to the 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report, 54 percent of customers now have higher expectations for support, compared to the previous year.

Now, more than ever seems to be a strategic time to penetrate the market, as customer expectations increase. Russell shadowed this thought, stating:

“Now is the right time for Xarios to open up our portfolio to the cloud market.”

“I don’t believe we’re late. In fact, we’re jumping in at the perfect time, as the market is starting to solidify. Right now, is when we can offer the most value, such as the agility to update our products to ever-changing market conditions.”

Russell has over 20 years of experience in telecoms, working primarily in technical positions. Earlier this year, he was appointed CEO, now leading the charge as product differentiation remains a high priority.

What can KAZOOcon attendees expect to see?

‘Dimensions’ is sure to find its place in the call analytics domain, and at KAZOOcon, Xarios will have its first chance to showcase the capabilities of their real-time contact center dashboard.

Using the power of Kazoo’s APIs, Dimensions will enable call and contact center employees to view and analyze real-time analytics, a considerable advantage. Russell also told me Xarios plans to enhance 2600Hz’s call recording interface by adding new functionality to their existing offering.

Russell further stated, Xarios hopes to provide a UC client on the 2600Hz platform and venture into offering omnichannel features for 2600Hz, too.

At KAZOOcon, conference-goers can expect to see the real-time dashboard and reporting capabilities of Dimensions, which has a number of key differentiators – one being, Dimensions can run on an Amazon Fire TV Stick, offering easy wallboard deployment. Resellers and service providers should seek out Xarios’ booth at KAZOOcon, there they can find out more about their product roadmap and partnership opportunities.

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