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Artificial Intelligence at the Core of NICE inContact’s Portfolio

This video interview with NICE inContact examines how, and why, artificial intelligence plays such a key role in its CX solutions

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This video interview was filmed during NICE Interactions 2019, NICE’s annual customer conference which took place in the O2 in Greenwich, London, this year.

Presenter Patrick is joined by Chris Bauserman, who is Vice President for Segment and Product Marketing at NICE inContact.

Chris was one of the keynote speakers during this year’s Interactions conference and one of his main focuses’ was relaying the importance of artificial intelligence, AI, technology to NICE inContact. NICE inContact is leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, ML, throughout its portfolio and Chris explains how this benefits NICE inContact’s customers.

There are two primary reasons behind customers exploring AI technology, as Chris explains. He highlights the first area as the opportunity to realise greater value by reducing costs and streamlining services. The second key consideration is the opportunity to expand into more digital communication channels and enhance relationships with end customers. Chris tells Patrick that by utilising the power of AI to allow automation, organisations can create more personalised tailored experiences for their customers.

“More than a quarter of contact centres will be deploying some form of AI.”

The use of AI tech is one of the most exciting areas within contact centre provision and NICE inContact is focused on helping its customers realise some of the potential. Chris acknowledges that AI tech is still in its infancy and that NICE inContact needs to play a role in helping its customers understand some of the potential use cases. The most common use cases for AI currently are within bot functionality but Chris tells Patrick that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Creating greater self-service options for customers is important but NICE inContact is also focused on helping the agent within the contact centre offer the best experiences possible, by leveraging AI tech.

Chris gives Patrick a host of examples of where artificial intelligence technology can be used alongside call centre agents to empower them, with additional knowledge or administration assistance, enabling them to provide the best service possible. As well as improving customer service provision, NICE inContact’s CX solutions can also improve experiences for contact centre agents themselves, by allowing them to focus on the most valuable aspects of their job roles. Removing mundane administration tasks from valuable agents can radically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the modern contact centre.

“Agents love to talk with customers, they don’t like the paperwork or the processing. So, have a bot do the follow up work and have the agent keep talking to the next customer.”

Patrick then asks Chris how NICE inContact helps its customer leverage the power of AI in other areas. Predictive behavioural routing is another area where NICE inContact have been innovating within the CX space. This method of routing aims to use AI tools to understand different customer types, based on the analysis of past interaction data, and then route them to an agent who best suites their personality type. NICE inContact have conducted a huge amount of research in this area to define the different personality types and determine which people will interact together most effectively, to create the most positive outcome for customers.

Administration is also a crucial area within the contact centre and Chris provides Patrick with further examples of how they are using AI to enhance scheduling and forecasting tasks for management. As well as improving processes in these areas NICE inContact can also dramatically improve the capability of analytics. By using AI to consolidate and evaluate a holistic view of a customer’s interaction data, NICE inContact can help customer service providers avoid repetitive issues or recurring service failures.

Chris explains that the move towards cloud contact centre platforms has really enabled this development. By freeing up the vast amount of useful data generated by contact centres organisations are now able to analyse their performance in ways that were not possible historically.

Finally Patrick asks about the future of AI enhancements. Chris explains that the future is effectively here now, with NICE inContact’s solutions, customer service providers have access to the crucial context for all customer discussions allowing them to provide personal interactions that will help them to stand out in competitive markets.

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Presenter Patrick Watson with Chris Bauserman from NICE inContact.

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