Avaya Ava: Customer-Focused and Communication-Oriented

Avaya Ava is meant to help businesses navigate today’s social media and smartphone-obsessed world

Avaya Ava: Customer-Focused and Communication-Oriented

With global estimates on mobile devices in use, text messages sent, and social networking interactions hitting figures of a billion plus, most companies are looking at new and innovative ways to connect and engage with their customers.

“This dramatic shift toward mobile messaging requires a decisive change in the way you provide customer service. Mobile application popularity is on the increase and is now a top three choice among consumers under the age of 55 for contacting an organisation,” notes a company white-paper.

Avaya Ava is geared to address this vibrant market, offering a cloud-based solution for enhanced customer connectivity, across multiple platforms – messaging channels, social media forums, and chat options. Powered by chatbots and natural language processing (NLP), the product is meant for easy integration and automation of digital communication, with immediate self-service functionalities.

Avaya Ava will work with applied business rules and context analysis, for appropriate and accurate response mechanisms, either sharing an automated response or shifting direction to a live agent. The product aims to deliver heightened personalisation, with continued machine learning from past interactions, for greater efficiency, smarter customer service, and enriched delivery quality.

Let’s look at some of its key capabilities:

  • Natural language processing, armed with sentiment analysis with support for 34 language identifications
  • Chatbots, with AI/machine learning and rule-based proficiencies
  • Public social media mining capacities
  • Omnichannel interactions, with text automation add-ons
  • Cloud-centric solution
  • Both AI/machine learning and rule-based chatbots

Deep-diving into the product blueprint

As mentioned, Avaya Ava is a cloud-centered, messaging-agnostic

solution, empowered with AI for social networking management and digital interaction automation. The product was originally positioned as a component of Avaya’s online support services. However, since then Ava has matured into an AI-driven program, intended to boost Avaya’s customer experience portfolio, with a special focus on contact center modernisation.

Ava is ready for multilingual necessities, along with natural language identification, and contextual pivoting, in order to expand the scale, efficacy, and accuracy of customer care systems. It can support 34 languages, along with Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, and LINE. The company’s suggested it will add more integrations and upgrades, even as the solution continues to evolve and find its own space. Ava is also built on an open API approach, making collaborations with 3rd party AI solutions possible, via the Avaya A.I. Connect initiative.

Other moves and new announcements

The launch of Ava was preceded by Avaya’s confirmation of a definite agreement to take over Spoken, a recognised player in the Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) segment, for enterprise customers. Avaya’s also mentioned that it will expand its A.I.Connect initiative, announcing three new members, as well as solutions designed to boost user experiences, such as Avaya Equinox Experience and Avaya Desktop Experience.

Closing Thoughts

In this rapidly-moving social media and smartphone-heavy landscape, apps and solutions aiding better connectivity with customers, is always a handy tool for businesses. The Avaya Ava looks to be equipped to manage this vibrant  and dynamic sector, and with future versions on the anvil, (expanded and enriched) could become a fast-rising, new entrant.

Do you have experience of Ava from Avaya? Let us know your thoguhts in the comments below.


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