Avaya Showcase Blockchain and AI Tech at GITEX 2017

CX, DX, Blockchain, IoT and Artificial Intelligence - a truly disruptive mix of technology

Avaya Showcase Blockchain and AI Tech at GITEX 2017

Avaya is showcasing at GITEX Technology Week how it is working with organisations to design solutions that go beyond the digital experience, integrating disruptive technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and the internet of things to drive business success. This includes bringing together leading customers from across Avaya International region for first time ever to present real-world use cases for next-generation customer experience.

Over the past year, Avaya’s technology investments have focused on expanding its ability to meet the transforming needs of customers while simplifying technology and its adoption. To that end, Avaya has re-engineered its core platforms to make it faster and simpler for organisations to adopt new functionalities as their needs change. Avaya has also opened its entire unified communications (UC), contact centre (CC) and services portfolio to empower partners and customers to have the same capabilities as Avaya’s R&D team has had over the last few decades.


“Our portfolio today is built to integrate with disruptive technologies, although we also believe that no one player can deliver all the elements in the customer experience journey in every sector. As such, we bring together the strongest and most developed ecosystem for delivering complete customer experience solutions, and that is what visitors will see from Avaya at GITEX 2017,” said Nidal Abou-Ltaif, President, Avaya International.

Kicking off the week-long conference, Avaya will be unveiling the Happiness Index on Blockchain. Developed in partnership with Avanza Solutions, the index enables organizations to dynamically manage the customer journey to achieve greater satisfaction. Avaya will showcase how companies and government organizations can leverage blockchain to securely collect and integrate data from multiple sources, such as different contact centers, emails, social media, web and chat platforms. By selectively filtering offline data and monitoring real-time data sources, organizations can dynamically measure customer satisfaction levels and transform experiences to meet their satisfaction objectives.

“For us, our customers and our partners, the conversation has moved on from being just about technology and on to what you want to make of it,” adds Abou-Ltaif. “Managing enormous volumes of historical and real-time data is a huge challenge for our customers.  The Happiness Index on Blockchain highlights how Avaya is transforming its unified communications and contact centre platforms to help large organisations to measure and manage sentiment for every single one of their customers, as it happens.”

Many organisations today are struggling to turn the huge volumes of data they have about their customers into actionable insight. While Gartner research shows 89% of companies expect to compete primarily on customer experience, just 6% of companies in an Aberdeen Group survey said they were extremely satisfied with their ability to use data to improve the customer journey.

The Happiness Index on Blockchain is just one of the highlights of Avaya’s participation at GITEX Technology Week this year. Throughout the five-day event, Avaya will showcase how it is working with leading brands to design solutions that go beyond the digital experience in key industry sectors. This includes partnerships with several leading international telecom operators on integrating AI and analytics into the customer experience, as well as integrating new IoT applications into emergency services to deliver faster responses for public safety. Other Avaya demos will cover banking, healthcare, hospitality, and more.

Avaya is located within GITEX Technology Week 2017 at stand Z-C20 in Za’abeel Hall. 


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