Avaya IP Office Contact Center Review: Simple but Effective Comms

Assessing your options for an Avaya contact centre

Avaya IP Office Contact Center Review: Simple but Effective Comms

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever. They expect every business they interact with to offer exceptional end-to-end support, on the channels that they feel most comfortable with. That means that if you want to delight your customers today, you need more than just a call centre. Instead, you need an omnichannel environment, equipped with everything from intelligent call routing, to CRM integrations.

Avaya, a seventeen-time market leader in the Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre technology, offers a range of solutions for modern companies who want an agile, innovative and customer-driven contact centre. Here, we’ll be looking at the features and benefits of the Avaya IP Office Contact Center, and the Avaya Contact Center Select service.

Features & Benefits

The Avaya IP Office Contact Center provides a full end-to-end customer experience solution for modern businesses. As a fully-integrated suite for omnichannel communication, the IP Office Contact Center can support everything from email and web chat, to voice.

Features include:

  • Customer prioritisation and skills-based routing: Avaya’s intelligent algorithms help you to define valuable clients and prioritise their issues at the top of the list for your contact centre Additionally, skills-based routing means that you always send each customer to the agent most equipped to handle their problem
  • Self-service: Avaya’s IP Office Contact Center comes with self-service options and IVR strategies to help you thin out your calling queue. You can add the Avaya Aura Experience portal to your contact centre, along with speech recognition features to help users get access account information or product updates without connecting to an agent
  • Omnichannel Support: Connect with your customers on any channel they choose with a unified call queue. Avaya IP Office Contact Center brings together messages from voice, email, and web chat so that you can handle any service avenue with ease
  • Improve Business Performance: Connect Avaya’s Workforce Optimisation (WFO) service to your IP Office Contact Center to manage voice recordings, screen captures, live monitoring statistics, and more, for a more efficient workforce
  • Historical and Real-Time Reporting: Get a birds-eye view of your business with online monitoring services that deliver real-time information about your contact centre Reporting helps you to measure business outcomes, identify benchmarks for success, and define long-term goals
  • Support customer experience with CRM Integration: The Avaya CRM integrations with SAP and Salesforce ensures that you can access a comprehensive CX strategy for your contact centre. When Salesforce is integrated into your IP Office contact centre, agents can benefit from instant access to customer records, which allow for more personalised and contextual conversations
  • Flexible Deployment: The Avaya IP Office Contact Center is available in a wide range of deployments, from a single-site contact centre to a multi-level environment with up to 150 IP Office locations. No matter how big your contact centre is, Avaya uses resiliency measures to keep your business running smoothly, regardless of outside interruptions

Tech Specs

Preferred Edition:

  • 30 Seats Maximum
  • 30 Active Voice Agents Max
  • 150 Configured Voice Agents Max
  • 30 Supervisors Max
  • 30 Simultaneous recordings Max
  • Supported Server virtualisation
  • Multimedia agents supported
  • SAP and Salesforce CRM Integration supported

Server Edition:

  • Hardware: HP DL 360 Virtualised, Dell R210/220
  • 250 seats Max
  • 250 Active Voice Agents Max
  • 500 Configured Voice Agents Max
  • 100 Supervisors Max
  • 250 Simultaneous recordings Max
  • Supported Server virtualisation
  • Multimedia agents supported
  • SAP and Salesforce CRM Integration supported

Avaya Contact Center Select (Multichannel voice)

  • 400 Agents and 80 supervisors Max with IP Office 10 Server Edition
  • 250 agents and 50 supervisors Max with IP Office 9.1 Server Edition
  • 30 Agents and 30 Supervisors Max with IP Office 9.1 and 10 500 V2

Target Market & Regional Availability

The Avaya IP Office Contact Center is an end-to-end solution for businesses that need next-level support solutions for their customers. The multi-deployment options available from Avaya, including CCaaS services, means that IP Office Contact Centers are globally available.

Additionally, the IP Office Contact Center could be ideal for smaller businesses, as you can start small with voice, and add multi-media channels when you’re ready, as your business grows. Alternatively, mid-sized enterprises can support up to 250 active voice agents on the IP Office Server Edition, or 400 agents on Avaya Contact Center Select for multi-channel voice.

How to Buy & Pricing

The Avaya IP Office Contact Center is available in a range of deployment and package options to suit the budget of any business. Delivered on premises, in the cloud, or as a Hybrid of both, the Avaya Contact Center is built to satisfy you by a team of Avaya experts. You’ll need to contact the Avaya team or a registered channel partner to design and deploy your perfect contact centre.

FAQ & Useful Insights

In a world where customer experience is king, the Avaya IP Office Contact Center gives companies a flexible way to connect with their audience through a selection of diverse channels. From simple voice-based contact centres to start with, to omnichannel systems with voice recording, workforce optimisation, analytics and more, you can build the contact centre that suits you.

Q: How Secure is Avaya IP Office Contact Center?

A: Avaya’s contact centre services are designed for resiliency, privacy, and compliance. With end-to-end encryption, you can protect all your customer conversations. What’s more, the Avaya Contact Center comes with GDPR compliance features, like encryption options for sensitive data like email transcripts, erasure of personal details, and delivery of personal data upon request.

Q: What is Skills-based Routing?

A: Avaya’s Contact Center solutions help to enhance the customer experience by making sure that your clients are automatically routed to the people most capable of answering their questions. Avaya Contact Centers route voice calls and multi-channel conversations to the appropriate agent based on history, language, knowledge, and availability.

Q: What is CCaaS?

A: Avaya offers Contact Centre strategies in a selection of deployment options, including “Contact Centre as a Service” or CCaaS. CCaaS providers host and manage contact centre solutions in a data centre located separately from their customer’s premise.

Have you explored the potential of Avaya IP Office Contact Center yet? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear your opinions.

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