Avaya & Google Use AI to Enhance CX

More news from Enterprise Connect 2019 as Avaya announce closer Google Cloud integration

Avaya & Google Use AI to Enhance CX

The wave of Enterprise Connect 2019 news updates keeps coming with the announcement from Avaya that it will be accelerating integration with Google Cloud to further enhance customer experience with the use of artificial intelligence, AI, technology.

UC Today visited the Avaya booth at the Enterprise Connect Expo Hall to take a look at this latest development, and get all the details from Paul Lang, their Head of Contact Centre Product Marketing.

Google Cloud has developed its Contact Center AI platform to combine with existing contact centre technology platform providers. Enhancing customer experience, CX, provision within the industry has been a key focus for multiple vendors and Avaya is looking for deeper integration with Google to achieve exactly that.

The Google Cloud platform aims to simplify the procedure when it comes to mapping AI models, enabling bots to interact with customers and provide more useful direction for contact centre agents. As well as improving the experience through enhancements the platform can also enable more intuitive call automation through the use of completely Virtual Agents. The Virtual Agents use open questions to try and assess a customer’s history, pooling knowledge of the best answers and reducing wait times for customers.

Lang told us why the partnership forms the next step of Avaya’s quest to provide the latest, most innovative solutions to their customers and partners. “The relationship is hugely important. Google are dominant in this space and by combining their expertise and our experience, within the contact centre environment, we create an incredibly powerful partnership.”

“AI is fast evolving out of its infancy and we can utilise it to bring huge benefits to our customers.”

With this latest announcement Avaya is aiming to enhance and grow its AI capabilities with the end goal of improving customer experience with more personalised, intelligent and insightful interactions. Embedding Google’s machine learning tools within Avaya conversation services, which power its contact centre platforms, it hopes to enable easy integration of AI capabilities regardless of the chosen communication channel, providing a consistent set of experiences for customers and delivering true omnichannel provision enhanced by AI.

After its portfolio makeover, announced earlier this year, Avaya is keen to ensure its newly branded offerings provide businesses with the most cutting edge set of solutions. Avaya IX Contact Center, for example, is an AI-enhanced, omnichannel solution offering voice, email, chat and mobile communications.

Avaya and Google’s partnership is targeting a number of key areas for innovation, including:

  • Virtual Agents – Human-like automated Bots which seamlessly interact with customers, offloading the live agents’ utilisation until the optimal time and then transferring all context gathered to the agent. Now customers can decide when and how to engage bots throughout the interaction. The Avaya platform also captures the intent, actions and ultimate disposition of each interaction in real-time. Through this rich data, Avaya AI can be applied to decide the next best action in future customer engagement
  • Agent Assist – Provides superior customer experience by continuously delivering a contextually relevant knowledge base to agents based on real time conversational analysis, for both voice and text-based interactions. Avaya AI algorithms can be applied to Google Contact Center AI to determine the next best action for the agent, delivering the right information and reducing customer friction, whilst increasing agent satisfaction and contact centre efficiency
  • Conversational Topic Modeling – An unsupervised learning tool designed to uncover key topic areas that customers have been contacting the contact centre about, and abstracting relevant information relating to how topics are articulated. Google Topic Modeling combined with Avaya AI enables agents to leverage real-time visibility of topics within each conversation. Through this valuable insight, recommended responses and best actions can be uniquely tailored to each part of the conversation to drive desired outcomes

Enabling effective digital transformation, is a key area of focus for Avaya, and the ability to offer the latest technological developments within its platforms, by utilising Google Cloud APIs, is surely a major driver for customers to transform. Avaya has also enhanced its browser-based desktop which is designed to seamlessly connect with applications, and Google Contact Center AI will be easily integrated as part of the agent user experience. Benefiting both customers and contact centre agents, in tandem, has been a major factor in development, as Lang explains.

“By leveraging the vast amount of data that contact centres generate, whilst maintaining customer privacy, we can offer deep insights which can dramatically enhance the ability to provide great customer journeys.”

“We can also help customers to use this technology to provide agents with additional context that will transform their ability to provide great service.” When evaluating the value of artificial intelligence enhancements, it is vital to consider the real world use cases. With this deeper partnership Avaya IX Contact Center solutions will be capable of maintaining an awareness of all events, including the sentiment of interactions and potential resolution suggestions. The resulting data will then be stored and can be utilised to improve the efficacy of subsequent customer interactions.

Avaya has been developing AI and ML tools for a number of years and the integration of AI capabilities into contact centre communications solutions has led to development in a number of key areas.

This announcement represents a clear signal that Avaya is continuing to transform its portfolio to offer its customers the most ground-breaking technological capabilities. With Google on side the future possibilities for enhancements are limitless.

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