Delivers Self-Learning AI for Virtual Agents

Industry-first solution for Virtual Agents Delivers Self-Learning AI for Virtual Agents, one of the market leaders in AI solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, recently released one of the industry’s first self-learning systems for conversational AI. This offering, developed by allows companies to overcome the cold-start issues of maintaining and launching virtual agents. The automated system intelligently analyses new conversational dialogues and recommends potential upgrades to existing ones.

The latest feature is delivered alongside various additional upgrades in the new software version of the platform for conversational AI. This platform discerns customer intention to understand requests and determine context. The solution can also invoke appropriate actions as a response to request, like accessing quotes or pulling up options for financial services.

The New Self-Learning Solution

Self-learning AI from offers a revolutionary way for companies to overcome the cold-start issues in their business. The service can update virtual agents with recommended data training and intents through “intent suggestions.” Additionally, it’s possible to build new and full-featured virtual agents with the solution within less than 10 days, using data that already exists in your network.

The introduction of self-learning AI means that now offers one of the more comprehensive end-to-end conversational platforms in the market. According to Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Henry Iversen, it’s possible for businesses to now intelligently apply artificial intelligence from the virtual agent development stage, through to real-time enhancements in customer interactions.

With self-learning AI from, companies can update their operational workflow for customer service, allowing employees to spend more of their time on creative and crucial tasks. While some large enterprises might be able to afford to build their own AI algorithms, few have been able to master the challenges of creating their own self-learning modules. Smaller companies have been unable to access the benefits of AI altogether. This new self-learning tool from means that companies of all sizes can see the true potential of virtual assistants in contact centres.

Intelligently Improving Customer Service

Henry Iversen

Henry Iversen

The self-learning AI solution employs the latest advances in AI to train and build deep-learning algorithms that can analyse and recognise patterns in subject matter, including when customers ask similar questions regularly over a 30-day period. Iversen noted that as customer expectations has changed, a self-learning AI makes it simpler to deliver relevant recommendations from virtual agents.

Self-learning AI removes the need for human trainers to do the work of identifying intents in a conversation. Self-learning AI can also be given existing chat logs or transcribed call data, which it then uses to build functioning intent hierarchies. This new solution could dramatically improve the performance of virtual agents significantly. Already, agents built on the platform can automate customer interactions in chat by up to 80%. The addition of new self-learning features could ensure that businesses can deliver even more intuitive experiences via chat.


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