Caring for the Contact Centre with IP Connect

IP Connect launches Care Platform for Plantronics contact centres

Caring for the Contact Centre with IP Connect

The contact centre continues to be one of the most important resources a business can have. Whether your organisation is large or small, you’ll always need a reliable way to communicate with your customers, particularly in an age where experience is becoming more of an essential differentiator than ever.

For many ventures, the ability to thrive in today’s ever-changing competitive market starts with a strong care and management system for the telephony systems that make customer connections possible in the first place. Fortunately, IP Connect – one of the leading suppliers in the telephony and headset marketplace – could be on-hand to help with their new “Care & Asset Management Service” for Plantronics customers.

The programme is a market first for Irish enterprises, and it should give contact centres throughout the country the opportunity to expand the longevity of their telecommunications hardware, by ensuring they can better maintain their existing assets.

A Long-Term Strategy for Contact Centre Care

According to IP Connect, the “Care & Asset Management System” was designed to make maintenance easier for companies who want to make the most of their telephony solutions for as long as possible. According to the IP Direct Managing Director, Debbie Cleary, the new programme will benefit companies who consider headsets to be a pivotal way of managing their teams.

The service is available to all contact centres who use Plantronics headsets with more than 150 agents. Those who sign up will be able to rely on IP Connect to check warranties for their equipment, service the solutions, and clean them too, for a more hygienic contact centre. IP Connect can also provide members of the programme with a full insight of their contact centre inventory, complete with a status report of technology on, or off-site.

Cleaning Up the Contact Centre

The IP Connect programme provides customers with a new and improved way to manage their telephony assets for long-term durability and performance. The company hopes that it will provide Plantronics users with the visibility they need to keep track of their headset portfolio and make sure that even the most frequently used headsets in their estate maintain their high-performance standards.

What’s more, because the system provides better hygiene for modern contact centres, it could also reduce health problems for employees, minimising the risk of absences caused by under-serviced technology.

According to the Regional Director of Plantronics UK and Ireland, Paul Dunne, telecommunications assets are a key element of running an effective contact centre. When technology fails in any industry, it can instantly disrupt the performance of the entire company – creating a frustrating experience for everyone involved. The IP Connect programme will not only protect the investments of Plantronics customers but could also have a positive impact on employee productivity too, by giving agents access to the clean and reliable tools they need.

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