Aspect Via Review – CCaaS Simplified & Enhanced

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Aspect Via Review – CCaaS Simplified & Enhanced

The right contact centre solution is the key to transforming your customer experience strategy. If you want to delight your clients, empower your agents, and improve your business performance from end-to-end, then you need a contact centre that puts performance and productivity first.

For decades, Aspect has been one of the leading companies in the communications environment, offering market-leading interaction management solutions on-premise, in the form of Aspect Unified IP and Workforce Optimisation suites. However, now that the world is evolving at a more rapid pace, Aspect has introduced their state-of-the-art contact centre solutions in a cloud format – ready to support the dynamic businesses of tomorrow. Here’s what you need to know about accessing Aspect’s powerful customer and staff experience solutions on the cloud.

Aspect Via Cloud Contact Centre: Features

Designed to simplify and enhance experiences for not just your customers, but your agents too, the Aspect cloud contact centre portfolio, “Aspect Via,” transforms businesses of all sizes. With solutions for both inbound and outbound communications, Aspect Via offers access to state-of-the-art conversations across mobile, email, SMS, chat, voice, and more. What’s more, the contact centre solution comes with workforce optimisation tools built-in, to enhance workforce productivity during each interaction.

In the age of experience, if you want to truly delight your target audience, you need to start by empowering your workforce. The optimisation tools built into Aspect Via give businesses the opportunity to combine best-of-breed inbound and outbound communications with quality management and performance tracking. Features include:

  • Support for WOF and interaction management
  • Self-service solutions built-in
  • Role-based UX for agents, administrators and team leads
  • APIs available to support external integrations
  • Cloud neutral to suit your roadmap
  • Easy to deploy and scale
  • Complete customisation options

Aspect Via Contact Centre: Benefits

Aspect built the Via Contact Centre to provide flexible, scalable, and cloud-based connectivity, giving businesses the agility they need to evolve and scale their communications as they see fit. With Aspect Via, companies can deploy best-of-breed modular applications that suit the changing needs of their business operations, ensuring improvements in productivity, and cost-efficiency.

The cloud contact centre from Aspect is built on the proven interaction management and WFO portfolio that has already delighted countless brands around the world. The Via platform simply brings those best-of-breed WFO and CC solutions into the cloud, offering benefits like:

  • Smooth scalability: The Aspect Via platform is both secure and scalable. You can start with just a couple of basic contact centre applications, then add new functionalities when the needs of your business begin to evolve. You’ll be able to choose between contact centre applications like SMS, voice, and email support, or WFO solutions like quality management and employee engagement tools
  • Flexible cloud subscription service: Because the Via platform is designed and managed on the cloud, you’ll have the freedom to design an environment that suits your budget, while responding quickly to market opportunities. As well as offering greater flexibility, the cloud deployment is also available to deploy in a much shorter time-frame than most standard on-premise options. You can take advantage of your new investment at record speed
  • High availability: The Via platform from Aspect comes with access to the same reliability and dependability that customers have come to know and love with Aspect. The highly dependable solution is supported by industry-leading SLAs, which keep enterprise-scale deployments running smoothly
  • Streamlined experience: Customise your user interface for administrators, team leads, and agents alike. You can even tailor your UX to display specific information to agents at certain times, using custom dashboards and widgets. There’s also the option to ingrate Aspect Via with dozens of great applications, like Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Incredible security: The Aspect Via platform comes with a solid and secure foundation, so you can rest assured that you’re building your business on a private, secure, and scalable cloud

Aspect Via Cloud Contact Centre: Finishing Thoughts

There’s more to embracing the power of “experience” in today’s contact centre than just making sure your customers are happy. You’ll also need to consider the experience that your users get every time they log into a contact centre program or tool. The Aspect Cloud Contact Centre, Via, offers state-of-the-art customer experience solutions, combined with workforce optimisation and quality management. This combination of tools allows businesses to create a more efficient, productive, and empowered team for their contact centres.

Have you discovered the benefits of combining contact centre solutions with WFO through Aspect Via yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


4.4 out of 5

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