Avaya Cloud Contact Centre Review: Flexible CCaaS from Avaya

Your guide to Avaya's cloud contact centre

Avaya Cloud Contact Centre Review: Flexible CCaaS from Avaya

Avaya has been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre technology seventeen times as of this year. With a background like that, it’s safe to say that this company knows a thing or two about supporting exceptional customer experiences.

As a leader in contact centre technology and communication services, Avaya has a range of options to offer to organisations looking to upgrade the service they offer their clients. One of the most cost-effective and flexible options is the Avaya Cloud Contact Centre, as “CCaaS” or “Contact Centre as a Service” package that gives companies fully-featured contact centres on the cloud, with no need for any additional hardware, licenses, or infrastructure to worry about. It’s cloud communications made simple.

Features & Benefits

The world is quickly accelerating towards a more agile, cloud-based model for business operations. With the Avaya Cloud Contact Centre, businesses of any size can access next-level customer experience solutions, without over-spending on new technology. With Avaya Cloud Contact Centres, you can:

  • Explore omnichannel communication: Connect with your customer on the channels that they prefer and get ahead of the competition. Avaya out-of-the-box cloud solutions like Aura CC Elite simplify the path to omnichannel connections across SMS, social media, IM, and more
  • Unify everything: Customer experience (CX) isn’t the only experience your business has to worry about. Empowered agents are more efficient and productive. Give your teams the support they need with a cloud-based contact centre that keeps everything connected on the same easy-to-use platform. Your unified cloud solution will feature everything from IVR, to screen capturing, and call recording on a simple integrated platform
  • Stay safe: Security will always be an essential concern in the contact centre. Fortunately, Avaya’s cloud offering is designed for complete peace of mind with end-to-end encryption, as well as PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance out of the box
  • Future-proof your communications strategy: The beauty of being on the cloud means that you can always access the latest innovations from Avaya, without having to replace any old or outdated hardware. Just update and scale your services as and when you need to with Avaya CCaaS

Avaya Cloud Contact Centre Options

Avaya offers a selection of different CCaaS solutions depending on what you want to accomplish with your contact centre. For instance:

  • The Avaya Oceana Contact Centre is designed to provide a 360-degree view of your customer journey to enhance loyalty and experience. It comes with support for AI analytics, automation, and more, for timely and innovative interactions. Oceana is also integration-ready, so you can bridge the gaps between your UC strategy, your CRM system and any other software that could support your business
  • The Avaya Aura Call Centre Elite is one of the world’s most popular contact centre Created to support omnichannel experiences, CC Elite is the perfect way to interact with your customer on any platform or channel. Serve your customers in the format that appeals most to them and see your brand loyalty levels grow
  • The Avaya Experience Portal gives companies a way to connect with and engage their customers on any device, anywhere. Connect with clients through SMS, email, video, and text, and orchestrate personal interactions with every customer. The Experience portal means that contact centre agents can be just as mobile and flexible as their customers

Target Market & Regional Availability

Contact CentreBecause CCaaS is available on a pay-as-you go, model, it’s perfect for just about any business. With Avaya, you can design the contact centre strategy that works best for you and scale up and down according to consumer demands. Additionally, the flexibility of the cloud means that the Avaya Cloud Contact Centre is available everywhere that the Avaya brand operates.

How to Buy & Pricing

Avaya Cloud Contact Centre is a cost-effective way for businesses to access the innovative services that Avaya has to offer. You buy what you need with an affordable “pay as you go” price each month. Contact Avaya to get a quote for your cloud system.

FAQ & Useful Insights

Avaya’s Cloud Contact Centre solutions are flexible, easy to use and packed with all the features that companies need to delight and engage their customers. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to take customer service to the next level, this could be the system you’ve been searching for.

Q: What is CCaaS?

A: Contact Centre as a Service, or CCaaS are cloud-based business models that allow vendors to offer their services on a pay-as-you-go basis. When you invest in a CCaaS strategy, you reduce IT expenses, eliminate costly implementation and installation, and improve workplace agility with a future-proof cloud technology system.

Q: What is omnichannel?

A: Omnichannel contact centres are growing increasingly popular as modern customers expect to be able to connect with businesses using the same channels they use in their day-to-day lives. Omnichannel solutions like Avaya Aura might include support for SMS, IM, email, and social media messages, as well as traditional telephony.

Q: How Secure is Avaya’s Cloud Contact Centre?

A: Avaya’s cloud contact centre solutions are HIPAA, PCI Tier 1 and GDPR compliance for absolute peace of mind when it comes to data privacy. Information in the Avaya cloud is also defended by advanced encryption.

Have you tried the Avaya Cloud Contact Centre yet? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!


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AvatarŽeljko Novosel 04:10, 25 Oct 2018

We are interested in all the Cloud Conact Center options with possible integration with CRM and hotel systems of HIS -Opera,,,

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Željko Novosel

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AvatarŽeljko Novosel 04:10, 25 Oct 2018

We are interested in all the Cloud Conact Center options with possible integration with CRM and hotel systems of HIS -Opera
Best regards,
Željko Novosel

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