CCaaS Reviews – Compare Cloud Contact Centres in 2019

CCaaS Reviews – Compare Cloud Contact Centres in 2019

The modern contact centre faces several distinct challenges in the “customer is king” marketplace. Not only do call centre agents need to deal with more diverse channels of communication than ever before, but they also need to make sure that they’re offering the same consistent experience to clients on every channel. After all, 98% of Americans switch between devices in the same day, and they expect you to be ready for them.

Now that customer experience is the ultimate differentiator, 2019 may be a critical tipping point for many contact centres – a time when they need to move beyond the traditional approach to customer communications and consider the versatility and scalability of the cloud. With 88% of professionals predicting that digital contact will overtake voice by 2020, a cloud strategy could be the only way to fully embrace a multi-channel approach to client satisfaction.

CCaaS Reviews

Here’s a list of cloud contact centre reviews on UC Today:

Vendor Product Review
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Akixi Akixi 3000 Review
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Pending!
Amazon Amazon Connect Review
Avaya Avaya Oceana Review
Avaya Avaya Aura Review
Avaya Avaya IP Office Contact Centre Review
BroadSoft BroadSoft CC-One Review
Cisco Cisco Contact Centre Review
Enghouse Interactive Enghouse Interactive Review
Five9 Five9 Review
Fuze Pending!
Google Google Contact Centre AI Review
Kakapo Systems Kakapo Systems Omni-channel Review
Nice Nice inContact CXOne
RingCentral Pending!
Tollring Tollring ICS Online Review
Twilio Twilio Flex Review
Unify Unify OpenScape Review
Zailab Zailab Review

Cloud Contact Centres in the Age of Customer Experience

While experience or “CX” has become something of a buzzword in recent years – it’s nothing new to the contact centre. In fact, the Holy Grail of the call centre has always been the ability to anticipate customer needs and improve end-user satisfaction. As the blurry future of brand communications takes shape, it’s clear that the cloud could be the core mechanism for delivering an omnichannel interaction strategy, capable of keeping up with fluctuating customer preferences.

As legacy contact centres struggle to keep up with changing consumer demands for better paths of connection, contact centres on the cloud can plug into new technologies like IoT, social analytics, AI, and mobile chat in an instant.

Stepping into the Cloud with CCaaS

Contact Centre as a Service is one of the fundamentally cloud-based solutions that today’s organisations can use to tap into the natural flexibility of the cloud environment. With it, today’s enterprises are discovering new ways to improve the overall customer experience, while minimising outgoing investment. Benefits of CCaaS include:

  • Scalability and flexibility: Traditional contact centres are designed to suit the “approximate” volume of customer interactions expected for a business. On the other hand, CCaaS allows businesses to operate with more fluidity, swiftly adding or removing functionalities to suit budgetary needs and unanticipated spikes in volume
  • Cost savings: CCaaS helps to transfer the financial load in the contact centre from the traditional CapEX model to the preferred OpEX model. In other words, you get a pay-as-you-go approach to contact centre technology
  • Streamlined IT: SaaS solutions guarantee that network, bandwidth, and communication services are properly addressed to meet the evolving needs of a business during rapid change periods. Cloud contact centres save time and allow businesses to focus IT energy on innovation

Does the Modern Contact Centre Belong in the Cloud?

Today’s organisations are beginning to discover the benefits of both the cloud, and “as a service” technologies as they strive for more flexible models, capable of higher service quality and enhanced responsivity. With a CCaaS solution, businesses can get a more robust, cost-effective, and flexible solution for multi-channel connectivity.

According to many vendors like 8×8, Cisco, and Avaya, the cloud may be the only way that tomorrow’s contact centres can truly strike a balance between the convenience the end-user is looking for, and the flexibility a business needs.


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