Cisco Webex Contact Center Review – Scalable, Flexible CCaaS

Clever contact center support from Cisco

Cisco Webex Contact Center Review – Scalable, Flexible CCaaS

Contact centers on the cloud offer a scalability and flexibility that’s crucial for today’s growing businesses. In a world where customer demands and marketplace trends are always changing, you need the freedom to adapt your day-to-day interactions at record pace.

Cisco’s Webex Contact Center solution combines the legacy performance capabilities of the Cisco brand, with the forward-thinking innovation of the future. Along with the state-of-the-art support, reliability, and resilience that Cisco is so well-known for, you also get access to some of the most disruptive new tech in the market. That includes Cisco’s new cognitive approach to customer experience and collaboration, enhanced by AI and cloud-based analytics.

Let’s discover the next generation of contact center technology.

Cisco Webex Contact Center: Features

One of the world leaders in communication technology, Cisco has always delivered a fantastic quality of service for businesses using their collaboration, UC, and contact center tools. The Cisco Webex Contact Center is Cisco’s customer experience offering for companies who want to build their future strategy on the cloud.

Built from the ground-up for scalability and flexibility, the Webex Contact Center delivers innovation and agility from the cloud, combined with the security and dependability synonymous with Cisco tech. Features include:

  • Easy to deploy and scale with flexible cloud technology
  • Omni-channel support for voice, email, chat, and more
  • 360-degree customer journey analytics and insights
  • Predictive analytics-based call routing
  • Collaboration support with cognitive collaboration features
  • Immersive CRM integrations
  • WFO suite with agent scheduling, quality management, and more
  • Outbound campaigns with progressive dialling

Cisco Webex Contact Center: Benefits

Cisco’s Webex Contact Center is a unified omni-channel solution, built to give businesses the freedom they need to transform and grow on the cloud. Whether you start with a single channel and ramp your way up to more functionality, or you leap into the deep end, Cisco has the tools you need to build the contact center that’s right for you.

What’s more, as an authentic omni-channel contact center, Cisco’s Webex solution ensures that every conversation you have is aligned and unified in the same platform. This offers a more seamless experience for your agents, while reducing the risk of information silos. Overall, you end up with a more comprehensive contact center environment, capable of delivering personalised experiences in a cost-effective way. Benefits include:

  • Immersive analytics: Get the insights you need to provide genuinely transformative customer experiences with customer journey analytics that cover every touchpoint with your clients. In-depth analytics offer endless opportunities for business growth and help you to develop more effective strategies for future interactions through things like predictive analytics-based routing in the call center
  • Empower your agents: Cisco’s Webex contact center comes with access to a complete WFO suite, offering dynamic scheduling, quality management, voice of the customer insights, and more. There’s also the option to set up immersive outbound campaigns with preview and progressive dialling features
  • Intelligent self-service: Cisco’s Customer Virtual Assistant can handle some of the more repetitive work that takes up your employee’s time. By implementing bots for monotonous work, you’ll be able to free-up your agent’s time, so that they can focus on handling more creative and complex requests
  • Incredible collaboration built-in: Collaboration tools come built into the Cisco Webex experience through Cisco Webex Teams. This allows employees to work together with agents, managers, and other subject matter experts when they need help solving complicated customer issues in a hurry
  • Wide range of integrations: Make sure that your agents have a complete overview of the customer journey with seamless integrations into your CRM system. Embed all the apps that you need into the Cisco environment, so your agents can spend less time jumping between apps.

Cisco Webex Contact Center: Finishing Thoughts

Today, Cisco is making incredible strides in the communication environment, with the introduction of immersive team tools, cognitive collaboration and more. Offering access to everything from predictive routing to state-of-the-art analytics and artificial intelligence, Cisco gives businesses of all sizes the power to make their contact center and CX strategy more intelligent and capable. Whether you need workforce optimisation, outbound calling campaigns, or genuine omni-channel functionality, Cisco has you covered.

If you’re looking for a way to transform the way you connect with your target customers, the Cisco Webex contact center will give you the scalable and intuitive solution you need.

Have you tried using the Cisco Webex Contact Center yet? Let us know what you think of this cloud-based solution in the comments section below.


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