CLC World and 8×8 Join Forces

Coming together to improve customer service

CLC World and 8×8 Join Forces

Leading software as a service provider for chat, video, voice, and collaboration solutions, 8×8 recently announced their partnership with the largest independent resort operator in Europe, CLC World. 8×8 is committed to transforming the way that businesses connect with innovative cloud-based solutions for contact centre, enterprise-level communications, and API. CLC World delivers exceptional hospitality experiences to 30,000 members and owners around the world, with a diverse collection of hotels and resorts in some of the most desirable locations worldwide.

CLC World also supports an in-house travel agency, giving members the opportunity to arrange their own bespoke cruises, travel strategies, and ATOL protected flights. With so much focus dedicated to providing customers the chance to customise their holiday experiences, CLC World recently discovered that the legacy contact centres it was relying on to serve people around the globe were no longer fit for purpose. The company has already started rolling out 8×8’s X Series, to transform and enhance the high standards of customer service that it wants to deliver to customers worldwide.

Implementing the X Series

CLC World is using the 8×8 X Series system to deliver exceptional customer service standards through four of its contact centres, to begin with. This means that 170 agents will get the new tools and technology, to begin with before the strategy continues to roll out elsewhere. The solutions from 8×8 will allow CLC World to analyse and integrate data from multiple communication channels into a single platform, while allowing for enhancement in the services provided, including new and improved chat functionality.

The CLC World customer service teams with access to the X Series tools will be able to unlock the power of AI-powered speech analytics. This will make it easier for them to review calls and ensure that they’re delivering the right experiences to customers. Additionally, CLC World will be able to use the X Series to train staff more effectively, improving service standards for everyone involved.

The CLC World leadership team are excited to see the impact that their new contact centre and agent technology will have on their ability to serve their growing consumer base.

Updating the Customer Service Experience

Mary Ellen Genovese

Mary Ellen Genovese

The Director of Club Operations and Travel for CLC World, Guy Mantel, said that the needs of the business are very complex, which made it difficult for them to find the right contact centre solution. However, 8×8 was able to deliver everything that the CLC World brand needed to provide the fantastic customer service their clients demand, and all in the same environment too. For the first time, CLC World will be able to offer their members chat functionality on their site, as well as unlocking the benefits of advanced analytics and AI.

CLC World is excited to improve the customer journey that they bring to their customers every step of the way going forward. The Managing Director of European Operations for 8×8, Mary Ellen Genovese, said in a press release that the X Series allows companies of all sizes to bring their communications into a single platform, no matter how complicated their technology stack might be. 8×8 looks forward to working with CLC World on their digital transformation and CX project going forward.



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