Cover Picks Twilio Flex to Enhance Customer Experience

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Cover Picks Twilio Flex to Enhance Customer Experience

Leading platform for cloud communications, Twilio, recently revealed news that Cover has chosen the Twilio Flex platform to power customer satisfaction. Twilio Flex is the programmable contact centre platform from Twilio. This solution provided Cover, a nationally-licensed brokerage and MGA with the tools to build a custom contact centre. The solution delivers a differentiate agent user and customer experience, with frictionless and personalised solutions.

Thanks to Twilio, Cover can continue to build its relationship as a company delivering frictionless and personalised insurance buying solutions by connecting users with expert advisors that offer quotes via 30 carriers through a mobile app.

Disrupting the Insurance Industry

Ben Aneesh

Ben Aneesh

Cover has a mission to disrupt the way that people access and purchase insurance, using a combination of expert advice, automation, and mobile technology. To achieve its goals, the company needs to deliver a customer experience that drives a more personalised approach. The mobile-first platform used Twilio Flex to deliver an enhanced on-demand customer service, with 57% faster response times and an 8% higher resolution rate.

According to the Co-founder of Cover, Ben Aneesh, the company was looking for a solution that would allow it to modify every aspect of the contact centre. Twilio Flex seemed to be the most configurable and customisable option in the market. It was the solution that Cover chose to achieve its goals of delivering on-demand customer service in a more efficient and personalised way.

Currently, the majority of Cover’s communications with customers take place through text using the Twilio Flex Salesforce CTI solution. Based on an internal survey of customer service advisers and sales assistants, Cover developed a list of capabilities and features it needed to build and asked its product team to design the right UX with Twilio Flex. Through the course of the development, the company was able to examine and personalise the design to fine-tune the experience for agents and customers alike.

Completely Customised Customer Service

With Twilio Flex, Cover has been able to develop a personalised solution for their customer service needs, with real-time feedback between sales managers and service advisers. When texts or calls come through the platform, the solution automatically populates all of the data that advisers need, and syncs information to Salesforce.

Aneesh noted that as customers come back for support, sometimes even a year later, Cover wants to ensure that they speak to the same agent they had in their first interaction. Twilio Flex makes delivering this kind of support easier. Cover can also change any aspect of their contact centre however and whenever they want, to constantly stay ahead of customer demands. Flex ensures that advisers from Cover can accomplish more in less time, for true customer satisfaction.


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