DaVinci: The Only Full-Spectrum Hybrid Platform

Introducing AMC's Cloud Contact Centre solution

DaVinci: The Only Full-Spectrum Hybrid Platform

From day one, the team at UC Today has been following AMC Technology’s quest to introduce one of the world’s most pioneering cloud platforms for Contact Center integration. Built on top of 24 years of industry innovation and expertise, the DaVinci platform is a unique exploration of what companies can do when they bring all of their Contact Center applications, including on-premises channels, together into one full-spectrum cloud environment.

DaVinci is a pure-cloud contact centre and integration platform for your CRM. Designed to embrace a multitude of applications, DaVinci acts as the glue that sticks all of the components of your workforce together. There are even pre-built apps available for some of the industry’s most popular tools, including Twilio Flex, RingCentral, Nexmo, Salesforce, and so much more.

According to Anthony Uliano, the CTO and Founder of AMC, the aim with DaVinci was to create something truly transformative with DaVinci – an app that would finally make it easier for customers to combine pre-existing and custom apps together into the ultimate contact centre environment. In their quest to provide simpler digital innovations for companies, AMC Technology has created something genuinely unique for the modern marketplace. There’s nothing quite like this full-spectrum solution for hybrid, on-premises, and cloud contact centres anywhere else.

Discovering the True Meaning of Hybrid

Anthony Uliano

Anthony Uliano

The DaVinci platform from AMC Technology shows the world what real Hybrid technology can be. There’s no limit to what you can do to bring technology together, with access to everything from Cisco and Avaya on-premises tools, to cloud-based systems like SAP C4C and Zendesk. DaVinci is the first full-spectrum solution for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-based contact centres.

So, what does that mean to you?

Essentially, today’s enterprises will have the freedom to mix and match their collaborative, communication, and CRM solutions in the same unified environment. There’s no need to settle for a single vendor or product, and absolutely no reason to deal with the stress of vendor lock-in. You can combine your hybrid, on-premises or cloud configurations into the same single pane of glass, for a comprehensive UI that supports all of your agents.

For AMC, DaVinci is an opportunity to start combining the various communication channels that today’s agents use to drive better user and customer experience. The apps you use every day are housed within a carefully aligned cloud framework, which means that everything in your system works simultaneously, with synced access to the same data and events. In other words, nothing in your UC environment has to work in a silo anymore.

With DaVinci, you can manage present across a host of channels, collect information about your agents from various environments, share data with crucial CRM applications, and so much more. Additionally, there’s the opportunity to tap into things like screen pop, Call notes, advanced reporting, and omni-channel routing too.

Why Today’s Company’s Need Genuine Hybrid

For years, it seems as though countless companies have been discussing the benefits of “hybrid” to deliver more flexibility and opportunity to the workforce. Yet, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what that term means. A hybrid approach gives businesses the freedom they need in today’s agile technology environment. It ensures that organisations can access the services and solutions that they need from any provider or background, without having to simply settle for whatever fits.

For bigger businesses that aren’t ready to fully move to the cloud yet, hybrid also ensures that you have the time you need to find a strategy that works for you. Either you can continue to implement your on-premises hardware into your integrations until you’re done with it, then move into the cloud, or you can design a continuous hybrid environment. After all, not everyone will want to commit to life on the cloud indefinitely.

With DaVinci, you find out what your business needs to be as productive and efficient as possible and implement the workflows that work for you. For instance, you could use Twilio Flex for customer chat, Vonage Nexmo services for SMS, and  your phone system (Avaya, Aspect, Cisco) for voice. You’ve also got the option to access in-depth CRM integrations too.

Aside from the standard softphone toolbars, AMC also offers something called Interaction Augmentation as part of the DaVinci experience; this gives your agent extra support to drive better results for your customer. For instance, you could tap into real-time language translation when you’re dealing with people overseas. Or you could use sentiment analysis to track how well a conversation is going.

A Strategy to Suit any Business

Today, there’s no one-size-fits-all route to excellent contact centre management. Most companies are still using a wide range of different solutions to support their business, from legacy on-premises equipment to brand-new services in the cloud. A true hybrid environment ensures that today’s companies don’t have to give up on their old investments before they’re ready.

For years, AMC has been focusing on providing its customers with the CRM integration solutions they need for on-premises tools like Avaya, and Cisco…

When AMC launched their new DaVinci solution, they wanted to ensure that customers still had the bridge that they needed to leverage both the cloud and on-premises tools at the same time. This ensures that customers can still make the most of their on-premises platforms.

Customers can use DaVinci to either maintain their existing on-premises connections or migrate people to the cloud, depending on their needs. Through the intuitive “Creator’s Studio,” users will have complete access to their entire app infrastructure in one click. That means that you can add and remove apps, change users, and update information instantly. Creating a truly cohesive experience for all of your on-premises and cloud-based tools has never been easier.

There’s even the opportunity for creative developers to get to work on designing their own DaVinci app too! All they need to do is contact AMC and ask them to switch Expert mode on.

DaVinci is now officially available from AMC Technology is the first and only genuine, full-spectrum solution for businesses on the cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid environments. With DaVinci, you’ll never have to settle on your contact centre solutions again. Instead, you can choose the tools that are right for you and integrate them into a seamless, connected system – no questions asked.



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