Exploring the Gartner CCaaS MQ for Western Europe 2018

Introducing the Western Europe MQ for contact centre as a service

Exploring the Gartner CCaaS MQ for Western Europe 2018

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is one of the most well-respected reports in the communication industry. Every year, Gartner examines the leaders, challengers, visionaries, and niche players in the rising sector of Contact Centre as a Service, attempting to offer buyers a better insight into their available options.

In this year’s Magic Quadrant, Gartner revealed that there had been a growing demand for CCaaS across Western Europe, as more organisations embrace the flexibility of the cloud. What’s more, while this MQ looks specifically at vendors in Western Europe, Gartner also considered each company’s ability to serve multiple continents with their contact centre solutions. Here’s what you need to know about the latest CCaaS MQ.

The CCaaS Leaders

Leaders in the CCaaS Magic Quadrant are suppliers with strong multichannel service and product capabilities, as well as a large install base of small and large customers. This year’s leaders include:

  • Capgemini (Prosodie)
  • Orange Business Services
  • NewVoiceMedia (now part of Vonage)


Capgemini, is a system integrator based in Paris France, offering the “Odigo” cloud platform. Capgemini has data centres spread across the world, and recently expanded into Singapore too. This year, Capgemini achieved a position in the “Leader” section of the Magic Quadrant thanks to the exceptional strength of its technology and consulting solutions. Capgemini also has strong potential for global and Pan-European deployments according to Gartner.


Based in the UK, NewVoiceMedia is an application specialist providing the NVM platform for multi-tenant contact centre solutions and recently acquired by Vonage. Clustered data centres are present across the UK, the US, Germany, Singapore, and Australia. NewVoiceMedia appeared in the leader section of the CCaaS MQ because of its ability to execute its cloud service proposition in multiple sectors. NewVoiceMedia has a healthy plan for market expansion, and it comes with out-of-the-box integrations with leading systems like ServiceNow and Zendesk.

Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services based in France is a Global Tier 1 CSP, operating three CCaaS platforms, the Flexible Contact Centre based on Enghouse Interactive technology, Managed Contact Centre with Cisco, and MCC with Genesys. Orange Business Services reached the leadership position this year thanks to its substantial market presence and rich communication services portfolio. Gartner recommends Orange Business Services for companies with global or Pan-European CCaaS requirements.

CCaaS Western Europe Gartner

Gartner CCaaS MQ for Western Europe 2018 – click to enlarge

The CCaaS Challengers

Challengers in the CCaaS Magic Quadrant also have a significant install base of customers and service capabilities across multiple countries, but they’re more focused on their region than Pan-European solutions. This year’s challengers are:

  • Puzzel
  • BT
  • Content Guru

Content Guru

Based in the UK, Content Guru is an application specialist offering the multi-tenant, multichannel storm CONTACT centre. Content Guru sells services through partners and achieved the Challenger position this year thanks to its success as an application specialist delivering built-for-cloud solutions. The storm CONTACT platform is particularly appealing to companies in search of a scalable cloud-based solution with deep application integration and automation features.


Based in London, in the UK, BT is a global Tier 1 CSP offering three main global CCaaS platforms. The options available include BT Cloud Contact Next Generation delivered through Enghouse Interactive technology, BT Cloud Contact Cisco Unified, and BT Cloud Contact Cisco. BT reached the Challengers quadrant this year thanks to its exceptional market presence. The company was moved to the Challenger space this year because of its selective vision for CCaaS. Gartner recommends BT for businesses in search of global and Pan-European CCaaS requirements.


Puzzel, based in Oslo in Norway is a privately-owned application specialist offering a multi-channel, multitenant CCaaS solution. Currently, Puzzel is investing in partnerships to evolve and expand its contact centre solution throughout Europe. Puzzel appeared in the Challengers quadrant this year because of its success in creating a built-for-cloud suite of contact centre solutions. However, Gartner notes that the company lacks options for international market expansion.

The CCaaS Visionaries

Visionaries for the CCaaS Magic Quadrant have a significant range of service and product capabilities to offer, along with a clear marketing, sales, and business development strategy. However, most visionaries are relatively small competitors in the Western European market. This year’s visionaries include:

  • Genesys


The only visionary in the 2018 CCaaS MQ for Western Europe, Genesys is based in California and defines itself as a software technology provider, offering multi-instance and multitenant CCaaS for a range of customer requirements. The Genesys platforms include PureCloud, PureConnect Cloud, and PureEngage Cloud. Genesys was placed in the Visionaries section of the Magic Quadrant this year based on its rich selection of offerings and its strong market presence. However, Gartner believes that Genesys struggles with executing its cloud propositions.

The CCaaS Niche Players

Finally, the niche players in the Magic Quadrant focus specifically on a particular sector of the market or a specific opportunity. The services and products of Niche players may require the support of partners or may still be under development. This year’s only Niche player is:

  • Vocalcom


Located in Paris, France, Vocalcom is a software technology provider that uses multi-tenant software to power their Vocalcom Cloud Contact Centre and solution for Salesforce through the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Vocalcom has a strong presence in Europe, as well as operations in Australia, Latin America, and North America. Vocalcom is present in the niche players space due to its advanced built-for-cloud contact centre, though it only has a limited market presence at this point.

Finishing Thoughts on the Western European CCaaS Market Quadrant

No new vendors were added to the Western European Magic Quadrant this year, although IFS and SAP were removed from the quadrant because they were unable to meet with the highly challenging criteria for inclusion.

Genesys was the only company to appear in both the North American and Western Europe Magic Quadrants for CCaaS this year. However, in the Western European Quadrant, Genesys was given “Visionary” status, compared to a “Leadership” title for North America.


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