Extended Support for Dialogflow & Google CC AI

Inference Solutions extends support for Google Contact Center AI

Extended Support for Dialogflow & Google CC AI

Global provider of intelligent virtual assistant solutions for service and sales organisations, Inference Solutions, recently announced extended availability of their latest “Studio” offering. The solution makes it easier for contact centre software providers, telecommunications carriers, and enterprises to connect to Google’s Contact Center AI.

Now that modern consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with their ability to interact with Google Android and Home devices, they expect an exceptional self-service experience when reaching out to brands too. These rising customer expectations are pushing enterprises to look for more accessible contact centre AI solutions.



Google’s contact centre APIs are an attractive option for many companies. They offer live agents options, alongside the ability to deliver more conversational self-service experiences. With Inference Studio, companies can price, deploy, and package virtual agent solutions to suit consumer needs.

The Latest Version of Inference Studio

CEO of Inference Solutions, Callan Schebella, noted in a press release that the new version of Inference Studio makes it easier to unlock the benefits of Google’s Contact Center AI. Users will be able to access pre-built Dialogflow virtual assistants and integrate agents that they build themselves into their workflow.

Contact centre software providers and telecommunication carriers currently partner with Inference to simplify the deployment and development of their Intelligent Virtual agent solutions.

Studio will provide a range of benefits to these partners, including:

  • The option to package virtual agents easily: -Partners pay a flat fee per month for each virtual agent that they resell. These agents work 24/7 and deliver many of the NLP, TTS, and speech recognition resources needed to solve customer issues
  • The option to deploy various service classes across a range of price points: Service providers will be able to create and package virtual agents with specific skillsets at a price point that works for them. Inference will make it easier to manage various SKUs targeting specific market segments
  • Easy management: Service providers will use their provider-level account to manage the accounts of enterprise customers and gain more operational control. Inference partners manage thousands of government and enterprise accounts
  • Easy development: Inference Studio simplifies the building and deployment of advanced self-service applications and tools, including PCI compliant payment solutions, biometric voice authentication, and appointment scheduling

Enterprise Benefits of Inference Studio

Vendors and partners aren’t the only people who can benefit from access to Inference Studio. Companies from all backgrounds are facing an increasing demand for better customer experiences delivered by conversational AI and disruptive tech. The virtual agents available from Inference give businesses a low-risk and easy path to the AI world.


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