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Five9 Double Up in Europe!

We interview Five9 to get the latest on their development within the EMEA market

Five9 Double Up in Europe!

UC Today presenter Patrick Watson was joined by Wendell Black, Vice President for Channels and International Business at Five9.

Firstly Wendell explains that the CCW19 event is hugely important for Five9 within the European market. Customer experience is increasingly becoming the main focus for many businesses and Five9 are on hand to help them with that and ensure that they can provide the best customer journeys possible.

Patrick asks Wendell about how Five9 have been progressing in the European market and Wendell explains that the business has doubled year on year in this region. This growth is partly down to Five9’s strategic planning which has seen them invest in advance in resources, including data centres, within Europe to facilitate their progression.

The increasing speed of cloud adoption in the region is also benefiting Five9 as they can offer a truly cloud native set of solutions for the contact centre.

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Presenter Patrick Watson with Wendell Black from Five9.


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