Five9 Invests in Amazing CX with Microsoft Teams

Five9 announces new collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Five9 Invests in Amazing CX with Microsoft Teams

Leading provider of cloud contact centre solutions for the intelligent customer engagement space, Five9, recently announced a new partnership with Microsoft. According to the brand, Microsoft has officially chosen Five9 as its strategic contact centre partner, to combine the capabilities of the Five9 intelligent cloud environment with Microsoft Teams.

This is exciting news for companies who want to access both the convenience and reliability of Five9 with the functionality of Microsoft Teams. According to the president of Five9, Dan Burkland, the company is delighted to be partnering closely with Microsoft Teams to deliver an advanced end-to-end solution for its customers. The addition of Microsoft Teams into the Five9 portfolio means that Five9 can offer a fully comprehensive end-to-end solution, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, and Five9 technology.

Together, Five9 and Microsoft have what it takes to provide an unparalleled solution to state-of-the-art customer experience.

Improving Customer Experience with Five9 and Teams


Dan Burkland

According to a press release from the Five9 group, the new integration with Microsoft Teams will allow for enhanced customer experience by taking the collaboration tools of Teams and integrating them with the Intelligent Contact Centre services of Five9. This combination of capabilities will give contact centre agents access to all of the innovative resources they need in the Teams community, ensuring quicker resolutions for common issues.

The seamless connection between Microsoft Teams and Five9 will give today’s agents the power to gain access to experts in their team for better support when dealing with customers. When agents can reach the support members that they need, they can deliver a superior experience to end-users, with faster times to resolution.

Access to Subject Matter Experts

The new integration between Microsoft Teams and Five9 will give agents in the marketplace access to subject matter experts that are available in the Teams collaboration suite. Through a consolidated directory of employees, Five9 agents will be able to see where Teams users are, and whether they’re available to speak to online. Additionally, the agent will have the option to either send a direct message or click to call the expert.

Agents will also be able to conference experts in their workforce or transfer the customer to another member of staff who might be able to provide better assistance. The option to track down and reach Teams contacts by area of expertise or department makes it easier for agents to connect with the appropriate expert at the correct time. All calls between contact centre agents with Five9 and Teams subject matter experts can also be routed through a private SIP trunk, reducing potential toll charges.


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