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Get the Inside Track on Talkdesk Workforce Management

Talkdesk tell us all about the release of their new Workforce Management platform

UC Today attended Enterprise Connect 2019, potentially the biggest unified communications and collaboration event on the planet, to bring you interviews with all the industry’s biggest names.

Presenter Patrick is joined by Patrick Russell, Principal for Product Innovation Marketing at Talkdesk.

During this year’s Enterprise Connect event Talkdesk announced the imminent release of its own Workforce Management, or WFM platform. Patrick, from Talkdesk, explains the principle of WFM and why it is so important in the contact centre industry.

Presenter Patrick asks why Talkdesk have gone to the trouble of developing their own WFM solution when there are other options already available in the market. Talkdesk’s Patrick explains that although there are solutions out there Talkdesk have had feedback from customers that existing offerings were not meeting their requirements. By developing their own AI enhanced platform Talkdesk believe they can offer their customers a huge range of benefits, as Patrick explains.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and Patrick Russell from Talkdesk.

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