Kakapo Systems Release Call Back Queues

Call Back Queues let customers put a ‘call me back’ widget on their website

Kakapo Systems Release Call Back Queues

CX is the main focus of each of Kakapo Systems’ recent updates. I know this because I’ve have written on Kakapo’s flagship solution, Unity Contact Center for over six months now. Recently, Steve Tutt, Kakapo Systems’ Marketing Director told me about their newest customer-centric feature, Call Back Queues.

Call Back Queues enable agents to call customers back using their BroadSoft extension. This occurs after customers request a callback on the company’s website. Tutt told me, with Kakapo’s latest feature, they hope to foster more positive customer service experiences.

Call Back Queues by Kakapo Systems

Call Back Queues allow contact center managers to place a ‘call me back’ widget on their website. When customers enter their name and number, Kakapo’s platform queues a callback request. It then routes the call to the most qualified agent. Tutt offered an expanded explanation:

“Our Cloud solution extends easy set-up for customers, and the entire process only takes a few minutes. They can copy and paste the JavaScript into the websites they want, and the widget goes live immediately”

“Kakapo even offers reporting, routing, and configuration options for any contact center environment.”

Contact center agents can use existing BroadSoft solutions with Call Back Queues, which rely on BroadSoft’s extension for ACD Agents or Hosted PBX. Agents can also multi-task by taking both inbound ACD and outbound callback queues, Tutt shared.

A Broader Conversation

Kakapo’s recent feature update is a part of a broader conversation they feel is important to have. They say Digital Transformation is changing customer expectations, and I agree. According to Tutt, ‘we cannot meet these behavioral changes through traditional customer service media.’ All this creates the basis for how contact centers best meet customer demands.

With each of its announcements this year, Kakapo’s exemplified a willingness to improve upon all aspects of customer service. From Email Queues to Unity Mobile 2.0., and updates to Unity Reception, Kakapo’s aim is clear. They want to evolve contact centers into a new era where CX is king.

CX is an Uphill Battle

Contact centers still face an uphill battle when it comes to CX, but each of Kakapo’s recent developments in technology could very well make CX a smoother process.

As Digital Transformation persists, so will the demands of customers. Kakapo’s Call Back Queues could help augment CX, and contact centers that use Kakapo’s BroadSoft-enhancing suite of contact center tools are collecting everything they need to meet rising customer expectations. According to a 2018 Microsoft survey, 59 percent of customers surveyed on a global scale said they had higher customer service expectations than the previous year.

What will define contact center success in the end, is not metrics. The decision-makers in these environments who foster a practice of software agility will define success. These leaders will also likely be fierce champions of emerging trends like AI, IVR, and omni-channel. When combined, these technologies along with a human agent can create winning CX.


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