Mitel MiCloud Connect CX Review: Sure-fire Winner?

Bringing in over 45 years of experience and market leadership, Mitel MiCloud Connect CX is literally a contact centre solution that has it all

Mitel MiCloud Connect CX Review: Sure-fire Winner?

Mitel is known as a global leader in business communications with over two billion business connections powered by its cloud, enterprise, and next-gen collaboration applications. With more than 70 million across a hundred countries, Mitel’s spread and reach is truly incredible. The company has been around for nearly 46 years now and has witnessed immense growth in several categories.

Just let the numbers do the talking: Mitel boasts over USD 1.3 billion in revenues. It is a four-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for unified communications. It is the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Growth leader for unified communications in North America. Mitel also has more than 1600 patents (and applications) to its names. Now that we have established Mitel’s massive heft, let’s zero-in on its flagship product – the Mitel MiCloud CX Connect.

Inside Mitel MiCloud CX Connect

MiCloud Connect CX is a contact centre platform that’s built on the cloud, ideal for organisations with 500+ seats. It brings together enterprise-grade cloud architecture with a consumer-like experience, helping 1400+ companies manage their customer interactions.

  • The voice feature offers options such as callbar, call control transfers, voicemail drop, and much more
  • The reporting feature has historical reporting, integration with MiCloud Connect CX Live (a real-time monitoring dashboard), as well as Salesforce compatibility
  • Routing covers ACD, IVR, Skills, CRM data, alerts on dips, and a dedicated CX manager
  • The AppConnect module offers workforce management and optimisation, dialler, advanced reporting, speech analytics, and other capabilities
  • Quality management aids include call monitoring, call recording, Slack integration, and speech analytics for call centre activity enhancement
  • There are integrations nearly every popular SaaS product such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, and 50 other business tools

Why Mitel MiCloud Connect CX Makes a Difference

Mitel MiCloud Connect CX has a host of differentiating factors. These include extensive personalisation of customer experiences with 50+ out-of-the-box software integrations. You can leverage its open APIs, add new tools, quickly design IVRs (via a low-code, GUI interface), and manage routing flows.

The platform is updated thrice a year and works just as well across locations, with a critical focus on reliability, security, and security. It also carries all the requisite certifications – SOC II, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS certifications.  Needless to say, the platform is device and channel-agnostic, letting you talk to your customers anywhere, anytime. And finally, Mitel MiCloud Connect CX uses AI as part of MiCloud Connect CX IQ to significantly improve customer experience, reduce costs, and propel efficiency.

If that wasn’t enough, Mitel has recently forged a partnership with Talkdesk which will help combine its Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and overall Unified Communication capabilities with Talkdesk’s massive portfolio of customer experience tools. In other words, this combined contact centre solution offering will expand Mitel’s ever-growing global customer base.

What We Think

There’s no confusion – this is a winner, hands down.

If you are operating a Salesforce CRM, have multiple, legacy on-premises systems, and working with anywhere between 200 and 2,000 seats, Mitel MiCloud Connect CX is the contact centre solution for you. Further, the platform is reliable and secure, geared for companies on the cusp of high growth – or witnessing seasonal peaks in numbers. And, it’s also easy to use and fast in implementation, making contact centre executive training hasslefree and foolproof.

This translates into several positives: you can witness better Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, increased productivity, enhanced operational agility, your service capacity stays elastic, and you don’t have to compromise on quality or security. Mitel’s website says that it offers “the fastest Order to Cash” in the industry.

Clearly, Mitel brings its years of expertise and robust domain understanding to create a solution that’s smart, multi-faceted, equipped with a host of integrations, and ready for immediate deployment. If you’re on that critical bend between steady growth and breakneck expansion, Mitel MiCloud Connect CX is the kind of solution which can power and streamline your contact centre requirements.


4.7 out of 5

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