Mitel MiCloud Engage Contact Centre and Updated MiCloud Flex

Introducing Mitel's latest CCaaS solution

Mitel MiCloud Engage Contact Centre and Updated MiCloud Flex

Global market leader in business communications, Mitel, supports service providers and businesses in collaborating, connecting, and delivering state-of-the-art service to their customers. Mitel have recently revealed an update to their product portfolio, with the MiCloud Engage Contact Centre, an intuitive CCaaS platform. Mitel also delivered a new, upgraded version of the MiCloud flex /unified-communications/ucaas solution at the same time.

Mitel’s “as a service” systems work over the top of existing communication stacks, which means that companies can eliminate the time and cost associated with deploying new equipment. The MiCloud Engage Contact centre also works seamlessly with a contact control platform and offers integrations with some of the most popular third-party CRM applications available. The solution could be the perfect way for evolving contact centres to deliver more immersive omnichannel communications to their customers while accessing real-time reporting, in-depth analytics, and more.

The Engage platform is even ideal for remote workers, thanks to easy administration for virtualized workers, and rapid scalability.

Mitel Introduces the Latest Version of MiCloud Flex

The introduction of the Engage Contact Centre isn’t the only big news to come from Mitel this month. The business is also delivering the latest release of the new “MiCloud Flex” solution, which extends omnichannel support to enhance the way that customers connect with businesses on the media and device of their choice. The highly customisable nature of MiCloud Flex makes it incredibly appealing to companies that need to compete in an ever-more complex communication environment. What’s more, a unified desktop environment means that agents can be more productive, and handle interactions through any channel that suits their customers.

According to a Principal Analyst for KelCor, Inc., Brent Kelley, the most intuitive organisations today are going above and beyond to enhance every customer touchpoint available to them, ensuring optimal engagement with customers, and state-of-the-art experiences in every discussion. As marketplaces around the world continue to grow more competitive, customer experience (CX) has quickly become the only true differentiator for any business. Cloud-based contact centres like the Mitel Engage CCaaS platform mean that organisations can take advantage of the latest technologies in a highly flexible way.

Changing with the Shifts in Customer Demand

Jon Brinton

Jon Brinton

Mitel clearly has a lot to offer the contact centre environment as companies continue to search for flexibility and versatility from their communication providers. Recently, the business shipped it’s one-millionth seat in the contact centre, offering both private and public deployment models. The Mitel contact centre is ideally suited to meet the demands of businesses from almost any background, and MiCloud Engage is just the latest in a stream of fantastic service offerings.

In a press release about the latest features, the VP of Customer Experience solutions, Jon Brinton said that Mitel is continuously striving to empower companies in the age of digital transformation. They want their contact centre clients to be able to do more than just support their customers and offer intelligent client experiences instead.

The latest version of MiCloud Flex and MiCloud Engage Contact Centre are now available for purchase throughout the US.

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