News Galore from Talkdesk at Opentalk18

As Opentalk, Talkdesk's annual user conference, concludes in San Francisco we bring you a host of news announcements

News Galore from Talkdesk at Opentalk18

Opentalk18 provided the platform for Talkdesk, one of the world’s fastest growing contact centre platforms, to announce a host of new product features and developments.

Talkdesk iQ

Possibly the main news highlight was the introduction of Talkdesk iQ. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest developing technology trends, with virtually all technology providers claiming to be leveraging its power for their own platforms. Talkdesk iQ is designed to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence technology throughout the Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center Platform, allowing the customer to focus on the real world benefits. As a company that has the ability to leverage a huge amount of data, Talkdesk, will be able to use iQ to mine billions of interactions to reveal customer insights and trends driving predictive recommendations to optimise agent and contact centre efficiency. Jafar Adibi, who is the Head of AI/Data Science at Talkdesk, spoke to us to explain why Talkdesk iQ will be fundamental for their entire proposition.

“TalkdeskiQ will underpin the entire Talkdesk portfolio. It will work in the background of the applications to let customers concentrate on making the platform as effective as possible for their organisation.”

iQ Stats Talkdesk

Latest New Features

Talkdesk iQ will power a number of new and innovative products that were also announced as additions to the Talkdesk portfolio during Opentalk18. The largest of the new platform additions is Talkdesk Omnichannel.

Talkdesk Omnichannel will be the company’s first foray into to multi-channel interaction management. It will allow contact centre customers to support users through mediums such as SMS, live chat, email, and dozens of social media and messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. The product will also enable social listening across these social platforms, using a series of triggers to gain more information on brand awareness and perception. Offering an omnichannel proposition will be crucial to the Talkdesk portfolio and has been requested by existing customers as their CEO, Tiago Paiva, explained to UC Today during Opentalk18.

“Omnichannel is very exciting. Our customers asked for it and we have developed a system that can be integrated into anything else. We have tried to integrate as many channels as possible, every single way you want to communicate you can now with Talkdesk. The social listening aspect as well, within omnichannel, is going go to be brilliant for our customers.”

The omnichannel proposition will also offer a chatbot builder. Simplifying the creation and implementation of effective chatbots could be a crucial benefit for Talkdesk’s customers. They will be able to create bots that can manage and direct routine customer inquiries with the ability to identify when a live agent is needed for referral.

Opentalk18 was also the opportunity to launch Talkdesk Mobile. The solution will allow service and sales staff to engage with their customers from any location at any time through a mobile application available on both iOS and Android. It will enable inbound and outbound call handling and various other features such as click-to-call. Again the application will be powered in the background Talkdesk iQ, which will enable ‘automatic customer mood detection’ so that users are able to more accurately assess and respond to customer requirements.

The new feature releases don’t stop there. Talkdesk Analytics will now enable enhanced features across the feedback spectrum, taking advantage of Talkdesk’s huge data capture capabilities. Analytics will feature Talkdesk Live, a customisable dashboard feature, Talkdesk Benchmark, a tool which will allow organisations to compare their metric performance against other companies based on market vertical, location or size, and Talkdesk Explore, a historical data reporting tool.

Talkdesk Mobile App

A new routing flow designer will also be made available in the form of Talkdesk Studio. Studio aims to improve efficiency and efficacy in the contact centre by optimising routing, Talkdesk iQ will even be able to recommend optimal flows to streamline routing, in ways potentially unimagined by the customer themselves. Finally Talkdesk Self-Service SDK will allow customers to build and customise IVR flows without the need for coding.

100% Uptime SLA Guarantee

CEO, Paiva, is backing the new enhanced product and feature set by challenging the industry with a new commitment in terms of service performance. He announced, during his keynote speech, that Talkdesk will provide a financially backed SLA to ensure 100% uptime for their customers around the globe.

“With this SLA, it is a statement. It is proof that we will deliver, we will be there for you and if we don’t deliver we will pay you back, with no exceptions.”

Paiva and Talkdesk are confident that, by leveraging a diverse network of telecom providers all over the globe and also multi-carrier redundancy, they can ensure this sort of commitment is achieved. In the event of network disruption, calls remain active and supported by Talkdesk’s multi-cloud diversity, distributed geographically across multiple points of presence around the globe.

$10 Million Dollar Innovation Fund

Talkdesk itself developed from a scheme to encourage innovation, when the co-founders secured investment for the platform initially, and now they are looking to return the favour with an offer for the next generation of innovators.

After receiving the $100 million Series B Funding, Talkdesk will be utilising 10% of that to set up a new innovation fund aimed at transforming the customer contact landscape. Paiva knows from his own personal experience that schemes like this can be invaluable for the individuals and companies involved.

“Talkdesk wouldn’t be here without funds like the Innovation Fund. That is how we started. Now that we are a little bigger we have started the fund as we want to give back. Since we announced it yesterday we have had so many requests from companies and entrepreneurs starting their businesses with so many good ideas, I am very excited about this.”

The creation of the Innovation Fund demonstrates a clear commitment to innovation within the industry and a confidence that new platforms can further disrupt such a well established market.

Opentalk18, as well as being a hub for modern customer experience philosophy, was the conduit for a huge amount of news. Talkdesk will be hoping that such an event, alongside all of their announcements, can truly establish their position as one of the most innovative and disruptive forces within the contact centre space.

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