NICE inContact: Customer Satisfaction Soars in the Cloud

Cloud contact centre tech creates better satisfaction

NICE inContact: Customer Satisfaction Soars in the Cloud

Leading cloud communications company, NICE inContact, recently announced the findings of its new global research study. The CX Transformation Benchmark found that organisations placing all of their contact centre technology in the cloud report an 18% higher customer satisfaction rate on average when compared to businesses with on-premises technology. Not only that, but 40% of companies said that they were very likely to invest in four or more solutions or channels to enhance the service experience.

The 2019 CX Transformation Benchmark assesses the attitudes of consumers and businesses in crucial areas of customer experiences. The latest report offered insights into the value of certain contact centre technology investment plans on changing customer needs. According to the study, there’s a significant demand for businesses to move beyond the standard multi-channel experience to deliver a truly omni-channel offering with seamless cloud connectivity.

The Latest Findings From NICE

The findings from NICE offered a valuable insight into the changing nature of the CX environment. The report indicated that businesses with all of their contact centre tech in the cloud were 36% more likely to have consumers that would recommend their service to others. Additionally, the companies in the study that said that they were likely to invest in multiple channels and also had all of their contact centre tech in the cloud were more likely to cover most of the channels that consumers demand. These avenues for conversation include IVR, mobile apps, video chat, chatbots, SMS, and more.

Another interesting finding from the NICE study, was that despite consume demand, investment plants for omni-channel functionality were severely lacking. Customers expect to see seamless omni-channel connections from businesses, with 91% saying that they felt that way. However, only 25% of businesses said that they were likely to invest in services that allowed channels of communication to work seamlessly together. Additionally, preference for digital channels is on the rise. Between 2017 and 2018, chat use tripled in the US, and text usage grew ten times.

What’s more, almost half of all global businesses said that they were experiencing a need for more agent-assisted resources. Though the demand for self-service channels has spiked, 49% of companies said they believe that they will need more agent-assisted resources in the future.

The Evolution of Customer Experience

Paul Jarman

Paul Jarman

According to the CEO of NICE inContact, Paul Jarman, the customer relationship is now taking place across a wide selection of different channels – rather than just voice. More customers are embracing multiple digital channels to engage with brands, which means that businesses need to adapt fast. The CX Transformation benchmark study found that contact centres are moving rapidly to the cloud, and those who are in the cloud can also offer superior experiences for their customers.

Key findings from the study highlight the need for today’s companies to provide a truly omni-channel experience for their audience that blend digital and voice along with self-service and agent-assisted channels. Now that we’re in the age of digital-first connectivity, customers need more than just voice to feel satisfied.


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