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Out Loud: GDPR Are You Ready? Five9 is…

The GDPR deadline on Friday is imminent and we hear from Five9 about their preparations

Out Loud: GDPR Are You Ready? Five9 is…

Patrick is joined on the podcast by Melinda Bas who is Senior Director of Compliance and Technology Risk Management at Five9.

Melinda explains how Five9 themselves and their customers have ensured they are prepared for the deadline on Friday. We also discuss whether she thinks the industry in general is ready for the new legalisation.

“(GDPR) has touched every part of our business, the product, procedures, practices, information security, operations and product development but I think it’s making us better and stronger. So we are looking at it as a positive opportunity to continue to improve what we offer our customers.”

Five9 have been working on six separate projects to ensure that they, and their customers are as prepared as possible for the deadline. Melinda though is keen to stress that despite the deadline on Friday compliance is an ongoing process and companies need to be reviewing their policies regularly.

Finally Melinda explains that compliance in general, as well as specific GDPR compliance, requires a holistic approach from any business or organisation.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Melinda Bas.

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