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Out Loud: The New Age of the Collaborative Contact Centre

Contact Centres are evolving and in today's episode we examine the next generation and how they have developed using new technologies

Out Loud: The New Age of the Collaborative Contact Centre

Patrick was joined by expert guest Brian Solis, who is Principal of the Altimeter Group.

Firstly Brian outlines the historical landscape of customer contact centres and explains that effectively the basic model hasn’t changed since the 1950s or 60s. As well static technology provision the ideology of customer services hadn’t radically changed throughout the decades.

“The humanity of customer service was trying to put technology in between you and your customers to get as far away from them as you could.”

The, Contact Center 2.0: The Rise of Collaborative Contact Centers, research was commissioned by RingCentral and Brian worked alongside them to try and analysis the current state of the industry and it’s CX provision.

“62% of companies still use on premise call centre solutions. No-one, I think, will ever say I love calling customer service! It’s a horrid experience and in many cases you have to dig in emotionally and psychologically because you know it’s not going to be an easy process.”

Brian explains that the traditional attitude to call centres was developed out of cost saving, and this is inherently flawed. Customer expectations have changed and its vital for businesses to realise one of their main opportunities to develop their relationship with customers is during contact centre interaction.

“The philosophy of customer experiences is that we have to figure out as an organisation, as executives, that this isn’t a cost centre, it’s an investment in improving CX and it’s so important.

Out Loud Brian Solis

Brian Solis, Altimeter

Brain also describes that from an anthropological perspective customer experience is uniquely personal to each individual and therefore a standardised process is not suitable. How do companies and call centre providers achieve this though? Brian provides some high level examples of how changes in attitude can transform the provision of customer services. Utilising the new emerging technologies platforms can be one tool for organisations to try and modify their provision of service.

The most successful disruptive players within any industry have gained market share, mainly, by radically revaluating and changing the customer contact experience.

“All great innovation starts with a shift in mindset.”

Ending on a positive Brian tells Patrick that the research has found that most companies are looking into ways to improve their CX provision.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Brian Solis.

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