PCI Pal Builds on UK 8×8 Partnership

Offering new Secure Payment Services for contact centres

PCI Pal Builds on UK 8×8 Partnership

PCI Pal is a market leader in the provision of specialist and secure payment solutions for businesses and contact centres taking “card not present” payments. Recently, the company announced that it’s building on its globally-accessible cloud platform even further, through an enhanced relationship with 8×8, one of the world’s most innovative cloud communications and collaboration brands.

The PCI Pal team has just signed a new global extension agreement for it’s UK reseller contract with 8×8. As part of the company’s ongoing expansion efforts in the global marketplace, this agreement will build on the existing relationship the two brands have in the UK. What’s more, going forward, the expanded collaboration will also help to drive new opportunities for both companies. Already, the relationship between 8×8 and PCI Pal has led to a new customer contract in Northern America. PCI Pal has just signed a new contract with a leader in the North America travel sector.

Creating a Secure Payment Environment

James Barham

James Barham

Thanks to PCI Pal’s globally-accessible platform built on AWS, the new integrated solution with 8×8 will allow the cloud company to offer secure payment services to customers around the world. The new offering will be available through simplified deployment processes, without the need for advanced on-premise hardware. According to the CEO of PCI Pal, James Barham, it’s exciting for the brand to be expanding its relationship in the UK with 8×8 to a global environment.

Going forward, PCI Pal is looking forward to supporting 8×8 customers around the world as they strive to become more compliant with PCI Pals help. Together, 8×8 and PCI Pal will unique solution for sales companies and contact centres, to take payments securely without having to worry about sensitive cardholder data entering a customer network. According to James Barham, PCI Pal is also thrilled to have signed it’s a new combined client contract with 8×8 in North America, further strengthening the strategic market position as the preferred provider for the high-growth CCaaS space.

An Ongoing Mission

The Chief Product Officer for 8×8, Dejan Deklich, also commented on the recent growth in 8×8’s partnership with PCI Pal. According to him, as part of the 8×8 mission to deliver the highest level of security and compliance support to customers, 8×8 is thrilled to be extending the partnership with PCI Pal. Currently, 8×8 is one of the leading choices for businesses in search of a seamless way to overcome all of their communication, collaboration, and CX needs.

The partnership with PCI Pal should help 8×8 to continue storming ahead with a strategic solution for serving today’s business spaces.


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