Puzzel Creates New Chatbot Solution for If

A chatbot designed for insurance company, If

Puzzel Creates New Chatbot Solution for If

If, one of the largest insurance companies in the Nordic Region, has recently adopted a new artificial intelligence solution as part of its new contact centre solution from Puzzel. The agreement covers contact centres for If across four countries.

Among the AI-enhanced offerings created for the If brand is a chatbot, Ruby, which can answer questions from customers around the clock. The solution can handle various chat cases at the same time, providing human employees with the time and focus that they need to handle more complicated cases where personal conversation is more crucial. Artificial Intelligence has been proven to be a crucial success factor when it comes to driving effective customer experience.

Building on a Relationship with Puzzel

Kjell Rune Tveita

Kjell Rune Tveita

The If company switched to a cloud contact centre supported by Puzzel in 2017. From there, the solution quickly became the largest cloud-based contact centre in Europe, with 3,400 customer service employees and a leading contact centre platform. The environment became the heart of the insurance company’s customer service.

According to the Head of Group Services and CIO for If, Kjell Rune Tveita, the company chose Puzzel because the chat bot solution from Boost.ai provides an easy way to build advanced automation services. The solution is easy to implement and efficient, which highlights the nature of all of Puzzel’s flexible solutions. If believed that collaborating with Puzzel was the best way to create a seamless transition to the cloud.

The company found that automated services were becoming increasingly popular among customers, and If was determined to meet the needs of those clients. The chatbot functionality available from puzzel today will be a fantastic addition to the If contact centres throughout the Nordic region.

A Forward-Thinking Contact Centre

According to the

Gunnar Aasen

Gunnar Aasen

CCO of Puzzel, Gunnar Aasen, the business strategy of Puzzel has always been to deliver contact centre solutions to customers that provide the most innovative components. For the If contact centre, Puzzle is working with Boost.ai to deliver more intelligent solutions.

Aasen also noted that meeting the customer on their terms might seem like a cliché these days – but it’s crucial in the current environment. People want an experience that’s simple and straightforward. Virtual agents are making it easier for companies to deliver that amazing experience. The fact that the largest insurance company in the Nordic region is now building its service out with Puzzel’s help and Boost.ai highlights how important AI is in the customer service conversation.

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