Reinvent Launches BYOC Program for Partners

New Bring Your Own Carrier programme

Reinvent Launches BYOC Program for Partners

Provider of private-labelled unified communication and CCaaS solutions, Reinvent Telecom, have launched a new “Bring your own Carrier” program for their wholesale partners. The Reinvent Telecom company, part of the Saddleback Communications brand, gives wholesale partners the private label communication solutions they need to transform their business with next-generation cloud-based solutions. The new BYOC solution will now allow partners to use third-party termination and origination carriers with the Reinvent CCaaS and UCaaS platforms.

Sometimes referred to as BYOT, (Bring your own Telecom) ensures that partners can unbundle telephony and connectivity services. This is an ideal solution for partners that have existing carrier relationships to consider but may need to develop their open-source communication platforms. With BYOC, carriers can upgrade their platforms without changing carriers or dealing with complex customer DIDs.

Remaining Competitive in a Challenging Environment

The Reinvent BYOC program will ensure that partners can reduce the expenses associated with maintaining UCaaS platforms. What’s more, it will mean that partners can also iterate new features to stay ahead of their competition. According to the Director of wholesale for Reinvent, David Ansehl, many hosted providers have long-standing relationships with bandwidth providers that they don’t want to ignore. However, they also need to develop around a more advanced UC platform.

Reinvent’s solution gives companies the upgraded UC services that they need so that they can compete with other major providers in the marketplace without having to harm carrier relationships. The CEO of Expectel, Shalon Moskowitz, said that before he discovered Reinvent, his communications company seemed to be outgrowing its PBX solution.

Moskowitz was struggling to grow his company under the conditions of his prior PBX. However, moving to Reinvent allowed him to access a new solution in the form of a wholesale service option.

A Unique Value Added Offering

According to Moskowitz, he and his company had searched for solutions to support their company for 18 months and had considered many organisations in the process. Eventually, the team concluded that Reinvent were able to give them the best opportunities at the right price. After signing up, the team even visited Reinvent’s headquarters so that they could collaborate, train, and set up their new order processing solution for BYOC customers.

In a press release about the BYOC solution, Moskowitz commented that he was particularly impressed by the high-quality service that his company was given by Reinvent. He noted that the Reinvent team is full of helpful, knowledgeable people who can adapt their services according to their customer’s challenges.


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