Talkdesk Accelerates DX with Talkdesk Boost

Faster entry into the cloud

Talkdesk Accelerates DX with Talkdesk Boost

Talkdesk, one of the leading providers of full enterprise contact centre solutions, recently announced new updates in Customer Contact Week at Las Vegas. As part of the customer experience event, the cloud contact centre vendor introduced the arrival of Talkdesk Boost. This new offering gives companies of all sizes a way to accelerate their digital transformation strategy, by augmenting and enhancing their current solutions for voice with AI-infused applications on the cloud. The versatile new solutions are designed to improve productivity in the workplace, setting agents up for success with a unified mobile desktop, intelligent guidance, and omni-channel support.

At the same time, Talkdesk boost also has benefits to offer for customer experience and business agility. The solution enables supervisors to take new steps forward in supporting their teams with state-of-the-art workforce management, call monitoring, and analytics. On the other side of the coin, customers get to access self-service chatbots and an immersive knowledge base.

Competing with Better All-Around Experiences

Today’s organisations need to compete with a focus on better customer experiences, but many businesses are limited by legacy tools and services, such as ACD (Automated Call Distribution). These outdated ACDs lack critical functionalities, such as the ability to offer a unified agent experience, digital channels, mobile agent support, and customer relationship management software. Not to mention, disruptive tools like AI are also missing.

Despite the limitations of these inefficient systems, it can be difficult for larger enterprises to adopt modern alternatives, simply because they’ve made a massive investment in the deployments that they already have. Fortunately, Talkdesk Boost helps to eliminate these problems by offering a win-win approach. Companies have the option to continue leveraging their existing investment while strengthening it at the same time with intelligent cloud applications and modern solutions. Leveraging Talkdesk xConnect to link up to IP solutions. The Talkdesk offering will also connect to ACDs through tested SIP trunks to give companies new comprehensive and customer-centric solutions.

Upgrading your Legacy Solutions

Tiago Paiva

Tiago Paiva

Rather than asking companies to rip and replace their legacy systems, Talkdesk Boost gives cloud adopters the more appealing alternative of being able to adopt co-existence models and a more progressive transition strategy. This is far less disruptive to companies that still have considerable investments in their legacy tools. According to the CEO of Talkdesk, Tiago Paiva, the new advancement enables companies to keep their focus on customer needs with a simple and smooth digital transition.

Talkdesk Boost delivers seamless experiences to customers across all digital and voice channels. Talkdesk Boost also provides companies with the option to enjoy the best of both worlds – embracing both digital transformation and the legacy tools they know and love.


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