Talkdesk Unveils AI Enhanced Workforce Management

Talkdesk announces the impending release of its own AI-infused Workforce Management, at Enterprise Connect 2019

Talkdesk Unveils AI Enhanced Workforce Management

Evolving by the day, the CCaaS industry is at the forefront of innovation within the communications world. One of the most innovative and disruptive players in the market is Talkdesk.

This week during Enterprise Connect 2019 it has announced the imminent release of its own, internally developed, Workforce Management, or WFM platform. Following its usual cloud native structure, developed with a full microservices architecture, the solution will integrate fully with its Contact Centre as a Service solution. Talkdesk Workforce Management will leverage the power of Talkdesk iQ. Talkdesk iQ is designed to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence technology throughout the Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center Platform, and now supplements, allowing the customer to focus on discovering the real world benefits.

Other vendors within the CCaaS space are still relying on integrating WFM solutions that potentially do not conform to the latest cloud native architectures, relying on more traditional models that do not provide the true benefits of native cloud solutions. Talkdesk’s rapid deployment ability, combined with its pace of innovation, allows its customers to leverage the latest features and functions more readily. Talkdesk’s CEO, Tiago Paiva, provides further detail: “Unlike legacy solutions focused on optimising outdated processes, Talkdesk Workforce Management will redefine agent involvement and personal ownership within their role.”

“As legacy, first-generation cloud providers scramble to migrate from monolithic, cluster-based models to microservices, Talkdesk will stay ahead and deliver greater value for our customers, faster.”

Talkdesk Workforce Management has been designed and developed with the call centre agent’s experience at its core. Improving and optimising processes not only benefits the agent, and service provider by reducing agent stress and boosting employee engagement, but also the end customer themselves. We have all heard that happy staff lead to happier customers. Talkdesk has outlined how its Workforce Management will empower users with the ability to:

  • Eliminate manual day-to-day analysis to determine optimal staffing levels. Powered by Talkdesk iQ, Talkdesk Workforce Management uses AI to present recommended staffing adjustments in real-time. An intuitive interface allows users to easily accept or decline changes with the click of a button
  • Simplify and automate agent schedule changes with self-service shift swaps and time off requests accessible from the agent desktop or their mobile device. Administrators have the option to require management approval or automate the process if the change fits within predefined parameters
  • Predict and plan for hiring needs with early notifications, visibility and long-term forecasting. With this new AI-infused WFM solution, Talkdesk customers can receive advanced notifications when staffing levels are expected to drop below acceptable thresholds, calculate how many agents will be needed, determine start dates and predict when new agents will reach optimal proficiency levels

The ultimate goal of all of Talkdesk’s existing portfolio and now Workforce Management is to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and minimise effort. By utilising its substantial artificial intelligence expertise, Talkdesk, can help contact centre operators to replace manual processes with automation. Its a simple end goal but the industry has so far managed to over complicate the process, as Paiva summarises: “After completing hundreds of customer interviews, we consistently heard that the majority of WFM products require the administration team to work for the software instead of the software working for the team.”

“This is the overarching theme we aim to resolve as we launch and expand Talkdesk Workforce Management. In the end, it’s all about freeing time to improve the customer experience.”

If this first foray into CCaaS supporting technology is successful it could be an ominous sign for Talkdesk’s competitors. Workforce Management might not be the only area where their innovative approach could prove to be disruptive, watch this space.

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