Talkdesk’s “Spectacular Pace of Innovation”

A video interview with Talkdesk where we discuss its rapid feature development


UC Today attended Call and Contact Centre Expo 2019, one of the UK’s biggest communication and customer experience focused events, to bring you interviews with all the industry’s biggest names.

Presenter Patrick is joined by Teon Rosandic, VP for EMEA from Talkdesk.

Teon tells Patrick about his experiences of Call and Contact Centre Expo 2019 so far. Teon explains that this a great event for Talkdesk and they have been able to discuss some really interesting and innovative projects with potential new customers. Patrick asks Teon how Talkdesk is progressing in the European market place. With its practical use of artificial intelligence tools Talkdesk are able to offer a different proposition to customers and this is boosting growth.

One of the main areas that excites Teon is the pace of innovation that Talkdesk is achieving. Rapid development and deployment of new features is a major factor in its proposition to customers. Teon explains that practical application of AI tools is vital and he gives Patrick some examples of how they are providing those to their customers.

Finally Patrick asks Teon what the main focus is for Talkdesk at the Call and Contact Centre Expo. Gaining Traction and recognition in the European market is key to enable Talkdesk to continue its growth.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and Teon Rosandic from Talkdesk.

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