Telestax Delivers Restcomm Call Queuing

New call centre capabilities from Telestax

Telestax Delivers Restcomm Call Queuing

Leading Global CPaaS application and enablement provider in the comms space, Telestax, recently introduced its Call Queuing solution. Designed for the Restcomm CPaaS platform, this new solution is simple to deploy, with full support for BYOC models, and provides instant returns on cloud contact centres.

The cloud-based contact centre was responsible for around $13.17 billion in revenue in 2019 and is projected to reach a value of $49.12 billion in 2025. With such a massive growth, representing CAGR at 25%, the demand for call queuing is sure to be on the rise. Telestax’s new solution can support this growth by allowing companies of all sizes to deliver their own contact centres and scale agents without needing to purchase any new hardware.

Any agent with internet access can call into the queue and start taking customer calls almost immediately.

An Important Step Forward

The Telestax call queueing solution represents another example of how Telestax can quickly respond to the demand for new services that customers highlight, according to Founder and CTO, Ameed Jamous. Contact centres will be able to set up the feature in a matter of hours and start taking more streamlined calls.

The service, built into the Restcomm platform can be utilised globally in CPaaS solutions. Kevin Nethercott, the Chief Commercial Officer for Telestax, says that call queuing is now available through all partners to a variety of enterprises that may not have been able to afford similar solutions in the past. With Restcomm queuing, calls will be placed in a queue and distributed to the next agent available, optimising resources.

What’s more, as a cloud-based solution, the call queuing system requires one number for agents, and one for callers. Calls are routed according to a first in and first out basis, with a set up that takes hours, instead of days. What’s more, there’s unlimited flexibility and scalability built-in.

New Opportunities for Businesses

Ameed Jamous

Ameed Jamous

With the call queuing solution from Telestax, businesses will be able to improve their use of resources, increase customer satisfaction and cut costs. Additionally, Telestax offers Bring Your Own Carrier features as well as whitelable options to help companies expand their existing offerings.

The call queuing application is available immediately as part of the Restcomm solution from Telestax

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