Vonage Earns Impressive New Accolades

Vonage awarded for CRM and Contact Centre Excellence

Vonage Earns Impressive New Accolades

Vonage, one of the global leaders in cloud business communication solutions, recently announced that it had received two brand-new awards. The first award was offered by ContactCenterWorld, the largest contact centre, and customer engagement association in the industry. The group named the Senior Director of Customer Support and Service at Vonage, Dave D’Arcy, as the winner of its top-ranking performer award.

As well as having Dave D’Arcy named as Best Leader, Vonage also received a second award recently from TMC, the global integrated media company. TMC announced that Vonage’s NewVoiceMedia solution has now won the 2019 CRM Excellence Award, presented by the CUSTOMER magazine. The two accolades represent the exceptional ongoing growth of Vonage in the business communications environment this year.

ContactCenterWorld Award for Best Leader

Dave D'Arcy

Dave D’Arcy

In a press release about the Best Leader award from ContactCenterWorld, Dave D’Arcy said that he is delighted to have received such an impressive accolade. He noted that the company has been leveraging the cloud contact centre and communication APIs, along with the Vonage Business Cloud to build solutions for customers that offer a genuinely immersive end-to-end experience for communications. The new recognition from ContactCenterWorld gives credibility to Vonage’s pledge to help customers improve and compete in the modern landscape.

Now in its 14th year running, the ContactCenterWorld award for Top Ranking Performers is a global program that’s designed to celebrate the leaders in the contact centre and customer experience industry. Over 1,500 entries from individuals across more than 50 nations were submitted this year, with a range of winners announced during a ceremony gala dinner in Vienna. The winners will be competing in a world finals at the end of the year.

According to the President of ContactCenterWorld, Raj Wadhwani, it’s important for the industry to recognise the achievements of these award winners as customer experience becomes such a crucial component of the business environment. The companies addressed by the award, including Vonage, are getting better and better because they’re listening to their audience and transforming their offering consistently.

The Vonage Business Cloud is the flagship unified communication offering from Vonage today, providing a microservices architecture that addresses the unique needs of today’s customers. The One Vonage platform also provides businesses with an immersive and fully-integrated cloud communications solution delivered through the combination of contact centre, UC, and programmable communications via Nexmo.

The TMC 2019 CRM Excellence Award

The second award that Vonage received recently comes from TMC, the global integrated media company. Vonage’s NewVoiceMedia solution has now been announced as the winner of a 2019 CRM Excellence award. According to the SVP of Operations at Vonage, Ken McMahon, the company is thrilled to have won this Excellence Award for the NewVoiceMedia solution. The cloud contact centre and inside sales solution from Vonage helps companies to enhance and improve their sales operations, providing an exceptional customer journey through rich communication.

Vonage says that it’s their goal to give customers an opportunity to drive more engaging relationships with customers and prospects. The new award reinforces and enhances Vonage’s credibility as a company that helps customers to advance and compete in the customer experience space.

The NewVoiceMedia solution is the intelligent multi-tenant inside-sales and contact centre solution that combines communication channels and customer interactions. All video, voice, chat, and social apps are plugged directly into the organisation’s CRM software for excellent access to data. The true-cloud environment of the NVM solution ensures scalability and flexibility too.

Rich Tehrani

Rich Tehrani

The 20th anniversary CRM Excellence Award celebrates Vonage as a true partner for CRM success for today’s clients and customers. According to the CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief of TMC, Rich Tehrani, Vonage has demonstrated that the NewVoiceMedia solution can genuinely improve the processes of client businesses by facilitating the more effective flow of information.

Based on data, the CRM Excellence Award is given according to an assessment of direct statistics and facts that demonstrate the improvements that the winner’s offering has made to real client companies. The winners for this year’s award were chosen based on their product or service’s ability to improve, extend, and expand the customer relationship in the modern landscape.


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