VvAA Groep B.V. Transforms with NewVoiceMedia

Updating service experiences with NewVoiceMedia

VvAA Groep B.V. Transforms with NewVoiceMedia

Leading business cloud communications provider, Vonage, has announced that the VvAA Groep B.V has decided to use its NewVoiceMedia solution to enhance service experiences. The NewVoiceMedia Contact Centre solution has the power to transform the way that VvAA Groep does business, as a leading member organisation and insurance provider for healthcare institutions in the Netherlands.

The main objective of the group in adopting Vonage’s technology was to provide a more immersive customers service experience for members and clients. At the same time, VvAA also wants to strengthen its performance in the current marketplace, boost operational efficiency, and enhance team productivity too. Following an in-depth evaluation of the market, the company decided that the Vonage contact centre was the best option for them.

Embracing the NewVoiceMedia Contact Centre

A member of the Executive Board for the VvAA Groep B.V, Freek Roelofs, said that the company wanted to do everything it could to raise the bar on the experience that it gives its customers and members. With the introduction of Vonage’s contact centre solution, which integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, VvAA believes that upgrading customer service will be easy. Once the new contact centre technology is implemented throughout the business, the company will be able to enhance the quality of every call they have, and boost service processes too.

VvAA said that the decision to use the NewVoiceMedia contact centre was an investment in their ongoing relationship with their members and customers. Advisors for the VvAA Groep will now benefit from immediate access to all of the interactions that a customer previously had with the organisation. Additionally, inbound calls can be intelligently routed and managed, making sure that callers reach the most appropriate agent. This should help to improve call handling time and encourage better customer satisfaction.

The routing abilities of Vonage’s solution will also help to improve performance by identifying customers who have received an insurance quote in the past so that they can be routed to the right account team.

Making the Most of the New Contact Centre

With the new solution from Vonage, all advisors on a team will be able to log into the same system regardless of where they are, with nothing but an internet connection and a phone. This means that VvAA will have the option to create a remote working strategy for employees. The platform also offers a real-time window into the contact centre operations, so that agents can be managed, and call recordings may be grouped with customisable reports.


VP Benelux and Nordics for Vonage, Paul Turner, noted that the company is thrilled to be working in a partnership with VvAA Groep B.V. The Vonage team is looking forward to seeing the company transform its customer and member experience going forward. The solution that Vonage offers is designed to integrate effectively with things like Salesforce, for better access to richer customer data, which agents can use to make personal connections on every change.


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