What is CCaaS?

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What is CCaaS?

No matter what business you’re in – CCaaS is likely the key to reaching grade-A customer service ratings. So, what exactly what is CCaaS and how does it work? To begin, CCaaS stands for “Contact Centre as a Service”.

As today’s customer demands more convenient ways to interact with customer service – the need for CCaaS becomes more clear. CCaaS technology enables omni-channel customer service and connects all touchpoints over a server.

In 2019, contact centres are increasingly more advanced, offering SMS support, video, social media, as well as instant messaging. CCaaS lets companies take full advantage of a contract provider’s technological capabilities.

Improving customer experiences

Why not give customers a quality service experience through the channel that works best for them? Andy Haas, a director with Deloitte Consulting LLP and leader of its Customer Operations practice answered this question best when responding to the results of Deloitte’s Global Contact Center Survey.

“Our survey results are clear – customer experience-driven, omni-channel engagement strategies are driving the next generation of contact centre capabilities”

“Customers are known for their wavering habits, in terms of loyalty and demands. With less than half of respondents expecting to rely on the phone, this signifies an expansion of complexity and contact volume, all at the customer’s convenience. This makes it vital for contact centres to be nimble and to adapt at the pace of the customer.”

The outcome of Deloitte’s survey delineates the current customer service landscape and the need for companies to adapt. Now that you’re armed with a base knowledge of CCaaS, let’s further explore the question of ‘what is Contact Centre as a Service?’

Real world CCaaS applications

Imagine a workplace where calls are distributed automatically (ACD) and customers can chat with a life-like and interactive voice response system (IVR).

What about a call centre in which chatbots support self-service as well as assisted-service interactions and transactions? These are just a few of the practical applications of CCaaS.

For business owners, CCaaS is a game-changer, such a positive experience can directly impact the bottom line.

Translation – increased profit driven by exceptional customer service.

A business that uses CCaaS solutions may also gain regular access to customer data, CRM, better ways to communicate with remote workers, management and operational tools used to keep your business afloat. If you wish for representatives to be more proactive – CCaaS also enables outbound dialling and SMS.

Economics of the Cloud

Most vendors that offer CCaaS solutions have a pay-as-you-go model.

This model gives business owners the chance to access the advanced features needed to keep customers satisfied. More importantly, businesses can reduce costs – paying only for the services needed.

With CCaaS, a business utilises the contact centre provider’s software – eliminating any hardware that costs more money, time, and wastes space. Such a move could lead to a reduction in cost for internal IT support.

If you are concerned about the potential drawbacks of CCaaS – rest assured there are none. CCaaS is cost-efficient for enterprises and provides unmatched security for customers. A true win-win.

CCaaS vendors

On to another key component, the CCaaS vendors that make streamlined communication possible. Within the space, there are a lot of players. From Amazon to Cisco, Genesys, Mitel, Vonage, RingCentral, and West Corporation – together, they make up a major portion of the CCaaS market.

According to Gartner, Genesys is the leader of the pack in North America. The company was founded in 1990, and since has made strides toward becoming a leader in CCaaS technology, having purchased IBM’s CallPath in 2001.

Since 2003, Genesys has acquired five additional global companies, strengthening its arsenal of tech tools for small and medium-sized business.

Emerging trends

Initial market penetration into the small-to-medium-sized-business crowd hasn’t been difficult. And by 2021 – it is expected to double.

Senior Research Analysts at MarketsandMarkets speculate that the increasing number of businesses adopting the Unified Communications model and mobile technology will fuel the rapid growth. They even believe this will lead to a reduction in operations costs and better meet consumer demands.

Already, we are seeing several emerging trends in CCaaS, including automation, the use of Artificial Intelligence, and voice tech. There is also ‘Sentiment Analysis.’

Through data mining, SA relies on AI to detect opinions in speech and written texts.

The game-changing technology could lead to improved customer service because a support agent was able to easily search keywords from previous conversations to better assist customers.

Open source framework is sure to be another trend in 2019.

Its aim – to fundamentally change the way software is built, data are stored and collected via Edge technology. Edge computing consists of sensors and other connected devices that are used to collect and analyse IoT data at the local level.

Edge computing, therefore, creates infrastructure no longer dependent on the Cloud or Internet connectivity. If you want to process data swiftly and securely – Edge computing is your safest bet.

This implies that storage, computation, and network connectivity all reside at the Edge, enabling data processing on IoT devices. And on local gateways.

Final thoughts

What is clear about the ever-evolving field of CCaaS, is that analytics, reporting, automation, and the sales process are made abundantly simpler as a result of the technology.

Impacting the customer experience is something that all companies attempt to do – yet not all succeed in. Companies that choose to adopt the technology are letting customers know that they are valued by the very nature of paying for such subscriptions to enhance communication.

The mere fact that there are so many options for businesses to give consumers convenient ways to interact, should mean all businesses will, in fact, jump on the CCaaS train for the sake of reputation and increased efficiency.

What enterprises of all sizes must ask themselves is if they want to make progress, how can they do so with scattered communications? Uniting communications efforts for the sake of efficiency is not just a fad, it is something that will make your company a more viable option for its goods/services.

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